A Zika infection is brought about by a virus. It is often passed from an infected mosquito. It might reason flu-favor difficulties in some, but does not cause difficulties in many civilization. It can reason serious birth defects in babies that are still in the womb.


A particular kind of mosquito deserve to pick up Zika when it bites a perchild with the infection. The mosquito have the right to then pass the virus to the following person it bites. Most Zika infections pass this means.

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Zika have the right to additionally pass from perboy to perchild. It may pass:

Throughout sex via a guy with Zika who might or may not have any kind of signs of being sickTo an unborn baby if the mother had actually Zika during or simply prior to pregnancy

Risk Factors

The risk is higher in those that have spent time in a high-danger place without mosquito security. Zika happens in:

South America, greatly Brazil; Colombia, Boliusing, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Suriname, and VenezuelaMexico and Central America, greatly Guatemala, El Salvador; Honduras, and also PanamaThe Caribbean, mainly Barbados, Dominideserve to Republic, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Martinique, Puerto Rico, and also Saint MartinSoutheastern Asia and also the Pacific IslandsAfrica


Symptoms carry out not always occur. If they do, they might display up a few days after the bite. These problems may last a few days to a week:

FeverRashEye redness and also irritationHeadacheJoint and muscle pain

Zika infection in pregnant womales may cause these difficulties for the baby:

Microcephaly—a tiny head due to bad growth of the brainBrain defectsEye problemsSlow growthMuscle stiffness and spasms Seizures Joints that are not normal


The doctor will certainly ask around your danger of exposure to Zika from travel or sex.

A blood test is required to confirm Zika. It will certainly look for the virus or indications that the body has combated the virus. It may be offered to pregnant women who:

Are at threat and have actually symptoms of ZikaHave not had symptoms of Zika but who are at riskMay have been exposed and also have actually had abnormal ultrasounds in the time of pregnancy

A womale through a positive test will certainly must see a maternal-fetal or contagious illness specialist.


Medicine cannot treat Zika. Symptoms have to pass on their own in a week. Rest and also fluids can assist.

Acetaminophen may be provided to ease fever before or pain. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and also aspirin deserve to reason problems in women via dengue infection.

If a mosquito bites a perkid that is infected, it have the right to pass the infection to someone else. Steps will be needed to prevent mosquito bites for about a week.

Family Planning

The Zika virus may remain in the body or in sperm for a short time also after symptoms go amethod. To lower the threat of passing the virus to a brand-new fetus:

Woguys that have been infected or suspect an infection should wait at least 8 weeks prior to trying to get pregnant.Men who have actually been infected or had actually feasible exposure to Zika must wait at leastern 3 months before trying to have a child with their partner.


Pregnant woguys who live in locations without Zika have to not travel to areas where it is spanalysis. Those in locations through Zika should take steps to not gain bit by mosquitoes. They have to likewise usage a condom in the time of sex or not have sex through a male partner that has actually lived in or travecaused an area via Zika.


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