Suddenly I seem to be having problems downloading videos from youtube using youtube-dl.

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I am running ubuntu 20.04.2

I did seem to upgrade youtube-dl using this suggestion:pip3 install --upgrade youtube-dl

and when I check for the version using the command

youtube-dl --version

gives 2021.01.16

However when I try to make use of youtube-dl I get the message;youtube-dl -f mp4

5BXtgq0Nhsc: Downloading webpage

ERROR: 5BXtgq0Nhsc: YouTube said: Unable to extract video data

I even tried removing youtube-dl and reinstall from the Software launcher with no luck.

(I had a similar problem running youtube-dl in windows but the problem was resolved there when I updated youtube-dl)


20.04 youtube-dl
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asked Apr 5 at 18:41

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Update it to the latest version with

sudo youtube-dl --updateand then try again.

Edit: Since you wrote you installed it with a package manager and thus you can"t update it so easily, for this particular software I"d recommend to install it from its upstream site to your /usr/local/bin directory and use it from there; then you can update it whenever needed (which is often because YouTube often changes some stuff to thwart software like youtube-dl).

You can either have a version from an official repo which is always slightly outdated, or a working one. As a general rule of thumb, you need to update it whenever you want to use it.

I just updated it, and it gives me

balrog:~$ youtube-dl --version2021.04.01
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answered Apr 5 at 21:03


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