You Re The Yin To My Yang – The Yin To My Yang (You&#39Ll Enjoy)

Once a day, Mother Nature drags her paintbrush across the sky, imprinting radiant hues of purple, pink, and orange onto an expansive canvas. The sun retires from a long day of work, while the moon awakes amongst the stars.

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Dusk transitions the world from day to night and is made possible by the existence of the sun and moon.

Chinese philosophy explains this phenomenon as the Yin-Yang Theory. But did you know that this theory can also applied to love and relationships? Let’s take a closer look at the connection between the two.

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The Yin-Yang Philosophy Explained

The Yin-Yang Philosophy Explained


Scientists have extensively studied and researched whether similarities or differences between partners can predict the overall success of a relationship.

Several studies have concluded that “birds of a feather” do “flock together” and that successful relationships result from like-minded partners. These studies profess that “opposites attracting” is a myth, as disharmony results when values, interests, and viewpoints do not match amongst partners.

They conclude that compatibility is key, as change is difficult, unlikely, and unpredictable.

Chinese philosophy and Yin Yang theory disagree with compatibility theories, as it is believed that balance and harmony can only be achieved when opposing forces are present.

Individuals gravitate in an unconscious fashion towards certain partners to satisfy their unfulfilled needs and desires from childhood, thus fulfilling the “seed” within themselves.

Opposites strengthen each other’s weaknesses and allow for growth.

Other theorists believe that relationships with opposition create tension, thus giving rise to the type of passion and intensity to sustain long-lasting relationships.

Yin Yang theory acknowledges that some similarities and commonalities need to exist to foster stability.

Yin Yang theory stipulates that similarities exist in the shape and arrangement of forces in the universe.

In relationships, this can be interpreted as communication, which can present in various forms.

What We Can Learn From Ancient Chinese Philosophy

Ancient Chinese philosophy educates about the importance of balance and harmony amongst constant change and flux.

The only constant in life is change, which will undoubtedly bring about positive and negative outcomes.

If the scale of life becomes too negative, or too positive, we become unbalanced.

A negative outlook breeds darkness and depression, while an excessively positive outlook is unrealistic and ignores the negative.

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Like life, love is in constant flux and needs to re-calibrate simultaneously with individual change.

Chinese philosophy encourages individuals to decipher positive and negative forces within them to achieve harmony and balance.

Taoism teaches that one must learn from Yin and the Yang to prevent a fight with the universe, or a fight within them.

Yin Yang theory encourages individuals to put their partner’s needs above their own, as balance will occur effortlessly and simultaneously if conducted in this manner.

Yin Yang theory depicts that flawed opposites can become a unified whole when joined together.

Taoism highlights the importance of maintaining individuality, concurrently forming the relationship, and asserts the notion that the whole is always superior to its parts.

Ancient Chinese philosophy teaches individuals to locate their “center” through meditation, mindfulness, and prayer.

Individuals benefit when they accept their own Yin Yang energy, while having respect for opposing energies. This acceptance is necessary for satisfying relationships and a fulfilling existence.

How To Find Balance In Your Relationship

Finding balance in relationships is attainable if both partners are dedicated, committed, and willing to put in the work.

It is important for individuals to assess and understand where imbalances in their relationship originate and occur.

Additionally, individuals need to be introspective and honest with themselves regarding the level of balance or imbalance within themselves. If individuals are unhappy with their “part”, the relationship cannot attain a harmonious “whole”.

While “seeds” of an opposing partner serve to strengthen our missing pieces, it does not eclipse the importance of having the capability to strengthen ourselves.

Although the Taijitu portrays a perfect circle, flawless symmetry, and seamless flow, perfect love does not exist.

At the end of the day, humans are flawed, change is unpredictable and relentless, and relationships require constant work and maintenance.


No matter how much balance is achieved in yourself, your relationship, or in the universe as a whole, it is only temporary and fleeting.

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To maintain continuous harmony, one must muster up all the Yin and Yang energies that they can and keep doing their “parts”.


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