From volcano cabins in Hawaii to Appalachian Mountain getamethods, watch as these home buyers set out to uncover elaborate log cabin residences. Along the method, you'll respecify just how you think about log cabins.

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In 1974, President Ford ordered the evacuation of Boston, OH. Theories regarding why contained the cover up of a mutation-causing chemical spill; too much paranormal activity; and also Boston being taken over by a satanic cult. But what really taken place in Helltown?

Bizarre Foods America is earlier through one more helping of stateside adendeavors as chef, writer, and also culinary explorer Anattracted Zimmern proceeds his search to taste the weird and also wonderful foodstuffs that can be discovered in the US.

Jakid Roberts and also Nikki Dinki are going head to head via guilty pleasure favorites around the country. Will their healthier options win out in a customer taste test, or will certainly they just gain burned?

Join the Tennescheck out Wraith Chasers as they travel throughout the country, investigating America’s a lot of haunted towns. From renowned hotbeds favor Gettysburg and also Salem to small towns with dark pasts, Haunted Towns explores the areas that shaped the darker chapters of Amerideserve to background.

For generations the Appalachian Mountains have actually had more sightings of mysterious creatures than almost everywhere else in the United States. Now a team of hardcore hunters and also trappers are out to determine these undescribed creatures.
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Many world only fantadimension around living on an island, but we'll prove that an Island also Life is feasible for anyone. Tropical dreamers will be shown island also properties that fit into any type of budgain, from ultra-affordable to completely outrageous. We'll follow daily families as they search for their very own slice of paradise and also prove that fantasy can be truth.
House Hunters goes island hopping once the latest shoppers aren't simply looking to purchase a home, they're looking to buy an entire island! Follow households as they tour 3 separate personal islands trying to find the ultimate tropical getameans. From beachfront chateaus to multiple vacation houses, just one island also will certainly make the cut.
From cutting-edge futuristic designs to multi-million dollar restorations of timeless RVs, these designers and craftsmales bring outrageous, one-of-a-sort equipments to life. We'll follow as they race to their client's end up line!
Buyers obtain help in search of their dream residences on the sand also in exquiwebsite beach destinations. Along through their agents, they tour properties prior to picking dwellings that fit their budgets and wish lists.
The 200 villagers of remote Tanana, Alaska, brave too much cold, hard terrain and also consistent danger to bring on a almost extinct way of subsistence living.

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Prepare to witness unexplained and also unexplainable events spawned from a tragedy that has actually left behind spirits established to wreak havoc. A Haunting tells the terrifying true stories of the paranormal as told by the human being who experienced them
Gorganize Asylum adheres to a passionate paranormal team as they investigate the ultimate in ghost searching locations. Rather than emphasis on supposedly haunted homes, the members of TWC investigate some of the many terrifying asylums, sanitariums, and psychological hospitals in the U.S.A.