To use your speaker notes in PowerPoint many effectively throughout your following talk, follow the tips listed below.

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What are speaker notes in PowerPoint?

Speaker notes in PowerPoint help presenters recall necessary points, such as vital messperiods or stats, as they offer a presentation. The speaker note panel lives at the bottom of your display in Regular watch, although some individuals might have actually this section hidden.

Use the speaker notes to add even more nuanced information about a slide’s graphics, or instructions for exactly how to click via an animation. It deserve to also be handy to add links to necessary documents or simply use this room as a general note taking section—prefer someone would use a scrape item of paper.

What are the benefits of speaker notes in PowerPoint?

You are the storyteller, and also your slides are your assistance, creating the setting and also emphasizing your crucial points. Because there’s a limit to how much information world have the right to process at one time—they will certainly either listen to you or check out your slides—it’s vital to present only information important for your story.

Speaker notes in PowerPoint permit you to relocate nonessential message and also stats off your slides so that your audience can totally absorb your message. Having the details in the speaker notes enables you to be ready have to your audience ask concerns about your data, or various other points in your presentation that may require added indevelopment.

Though speaker notes have to be a somewhat simplified variation of what you are saying, making use of them for the high-level points of your script will certainly help you complement your talk track to what’s happening on the slide behind you.

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Spfinishing a tiny time structuring speaker notes in PowerPoint can likewise be a simple method to revolve your presentation into a dual-purpose file. Not only can you use your file to existing, you can use it as a standalone record that have the right to be properly common without you presenting. This more progressed feature is defined listed below.

How execute I include speaker notes in PowerPoint?

There are two ways to add speaker notes in PowerPoint.

Method One: Directly edit in slide editing and enhancing mode (aka Common View). Click the notes area of the home window and start typing. If the notes are surprise, click the Notes switch uncovered in choices on the bottom right of the PowerPoint screen.


Method Two: Edit your notes in Notes View. Click on the View tab in the ribbon and also click Notes Page. Here you have even more room on the display screen to compose your notes and readjust the font size and also layout.


How should you compose speaker notes in PowerPoint?

We generally advise speakers not to compose their manuscript word-for-word in the speaker notes section, as this deserve to tempt a presenter to break a connection with an audience, and also begin to sound inauthentic.

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The initially bullet point of your speaker notes have the right to convey that overarching idea, and your various other points have the right to support it. I speak to these speaking touchpoints, and regularly they are short words or phrases that will certainly remind me of what I desire to say.

If one of your supporting ideas requires informing an anecdote or story, you can create your memory by leaving a note to yourself in brackets. For example, you could type:

As a firm, we’ve been through hard times before

It’s likewise crucial to store these basic bereason the space to watch them is limited. Though, there are times when a much more sophisticated note demands to be consisted of. I’ve uncovered that including a very essential phrase in full is just one of my favorite points about speaker notes. We regularly spend many time crafting that pivotal minute, the pace of it, and the wording. Leave room to easily see it in presenter check out.

Once, I sat with a presentation wbelow the presenter continued to be on one slide for fairly some time. He was telling a long story that was coming back to fix and tie together various points of information on the slide. To assist himself continue to be on track, he wrote about 6 essential speaking touchpoints in a list in the speaker notes, duplicated the slide (so it looked the exact same to the audience), then completed his following few speaking touchpoints for the slide. When he reached the bottom of the initially 6 touchpoints he clicked the slide without missing a beat and also continued the talk track. The audience had no principle that he simply relocated slides and also he was able to use his notes, even though they were long.

The speaker notes are also an opportunity to include “stage directions.” These deserve to be anything from reminding yourself to click and advance an animation, gesture to a co-speaker or member of the audience, or also take a breath and also pause.

How do you task speaker notes in PowerPoint in the time of a presentation?

PowerPoint is put up to display notes only to the speaker once a presentation is associated to one more output, such as a monitor, a projector, a video conferencing application, and so on Just select the Slide Sexactly how tab and click Presenter View to permit a screen that just you can view on your computer.


You’ll view your slides, speaker notes, and also a timer, but your audience will certainly just view slides projected on a monitor or display screen.

How else have the right to I usage my speaker notes in PowerPoint?

I discussed that you deserve to framework the notes peras to act as a standalone record that have the right to be mutual without you presenting. This is a much more advanced way to use notes, but incredibly handy.

Let’s say your presentation wowed your audience so much that they requested copies of your slides so they deserve to referral them later, or share via others. Due to the fact that you produced a presentation supposed to be presented, not read, chances are that your file won’t make feeling to someone who wasn’t in the room.


Unless, of course, they have the right to review and make sense of your speaker notes. Speaker notes can be offered to develop beautiful presentation artefacts for your audiences. By providing people a physical reminder of your presentation content, they’ll save thinking around your talk lengthy after you give it, and they’ll even more quickly share your message through others.

David Allen, the writer of the bestselling series Getting Things Done, leaves information behind after his talks to encertain that his audience remembers his key values and methodologies.

After we created a cinematic presentation for David, we translated the well-off, evocative imeras and layouts of his presentation right into handouts that anyone could check out and also understand.

How have the right to I usage speaker notes in PowerPoint to create handouts?

Here’s just how to do it:

1. Click on View in the ribbon and select Notes Page. You’ll watch that the slide visual takes up the height fifty percent of the web page and the message below the slide defaults to a bulleted list.


This fundamental note layout is very modifiable. Not only have the right to the Notes Master be readjusted, however each Notes Page itself have the right to have actually text, charts, quotes, and also imeras included as sepaprice and also added content to augment what’s on the surconfront slide.

2. ​To make transforms that will certainly influence the fundamental framework of all your notes peras, navigate to the Notes Master View: View tab > Master > Notes Master.

3. Make alters to the layout in the Notes Master, keeping in mind that alters below will certainly be reflected on all the notes peras. In the picture listed below, an example of a default Notes Master is presented at left, through a modified understand page at appropriate.


You have the right to range your slide thumbnail to any size and also place it almost everywhere on the master. Headers, footers, and the note placeholder can be moved right into any place you’d favor. You have the right to include objects to the Notes Master, yet remember that objects added in Notes Master will appear on eexceptionally slide’s notes web page. Hence, you need to be strategic around what you add. To that point, adding a logo design or some various other global image would certainly make feeling in the Notes Master.

4. Once the Notes Master has been restructured, go back to Notes View: View tab > Notes Page.

5. For each web page, include any custom graphics, data, message, or various other items that relate to that slide. Remember, these will not appear on the slides; they only show up in these notes.

In the layouts we developed for David Allen listed below, we placed a little image of the slide on the height left of the page and also a graphic and also quote at the optimal right.


How do I print speaker notes in PowerPoint?

Perhaps you’d fairly print out your notes rather of viewing them digitally on a monitor. Or possibly you’ve gone the additional step and also customized your notes and now you’re ready to distribute them to your audience.

1. Click the File tab and choose Publish to open the print dialog.

2. Pull dvery own the second food selection within the Setups alternatives. PowerPoint defaults to the Full Page Slides alternative, and you’ll need to switch it to Notes Peras choice.


Now you can print the file in Notes View to provide a hard copy to your audience.

*Note: Image reremedies may be slightly much less in published or PDF Notes View. Text and shapes will certainly remajor the same.

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By placing assumed right into just how you prepare, use, and also re-use your speaker notes, you ensure that your message resonates lengthy after you and your audience leave the room.