Hero Of The Nopon Quest: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Hero Of The Nopon

I have a quest called “Hero of the Nopon” in which I am challenged to a series of burglary competitions. I am called upon to steal Mor Ardain emperor Niall”s underwear mid-quest. I go to the entrance of Hardhaigh Palace but all I see is my competitor thief standing outside with a bunch of guards. I can”t talk to him. There is no indication on the map of where to go to advance the quest. What do I need to do to complete this part of the quest?

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I”m doing that quest now, I believe that you need to have all prerequisite party members available and/or active. From looking at the quest details, you need to have . As long as you have the main characters listed available (you have the option to put them in your party), Mythra/Pyra & Boreas as active blades.

Hope that helps!


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