Writing Equilibrium ExpressionsIn order to write the equilibrium expression for a mechanism in a stateof equilibrium you should know:the well balanced equation for the reactivity the phases (solid, liquid, gas, or dissolved) of each species affiliated in the reaction.Writing expressions for KcWriting expressions for KpExamplesWritingExpressions for KcThe basic equilibrium expression for a reaction:cC + dD" height=34 src ="EquilibriumArt/ABCDreaction1.gif" width=221 nosave>is composed as:The brackets "< >" represent the concentration of the species (molesper liter or molarity). "a, b, c, and d" represent the coefficients usedto balance the equation. The "c" in Kc shows that the valueof K is established using the concentrations of each species.Tright here are 2 situations as soon as a species is not displayed in the equilibrium expression:as soon as it is a solid wehn it is a pure liquid or solventWritingExpressions for Kp When one or more of the species ina system exists in the gaseous phase,the partial push of thatspecies can be offered in the equilibrium expression Disaddressed species are stillexpressed as moles per liter (molarity).TopExamplesInstances of equilibrium expressions Kc for aarray of equilibrium devices follow. When one or more gaseous substances areconnected, the Kp expression is likewise given.The production of ammonia from nitrogen and also hydrogen gases. 2 NH3" height=30 src="https://www.brianowens.tv/EquilibriumArt/NH3manufacturing.gif" width=236 nosave>c for production of ammonia" elevation =49 src="https://www.brianowens.tv/EquilibriumArt/Kcammonia.gif" width=127 NOSAVE>p" elevation =49 src ="EquilibriumArt/GeneralexpressionKp.gif" width =142 NOSAVE >

The thermal decomposition of calcium carbonate.

CaO + CO2" height =28 src="https://www.brianowens.tv/EquilibriumArt/CaCO3decomplace.gif" width=255 nosave>c" elevation =58 src ="EquilibriumArt/KcCaCO3.gif" width =104 NOSAVE >

The oxidation-reduction reaction occuring between iron(III) chloride and tin(II) chloride.

2 FeCl2 + SnCl4" height=29 src="https://www.brianowens.tv/EquilibriumArt/FeSnredox.gif" width=446 nosave>c" height =50 src ="EquilibriumArt/Kcredox.gif" width =188 NOSAVE >

The replacement of silver ions by copper.

Cu2+ + 2 Ag" height =32 src="https://www.brianowens.tv/EquilibriumArt/CuAgreplacement.gif" width=347 nosave>c" elevation =52 src ="EquilibriumArt/KcCuAgreplacement.gif" width =109 NOSAVE >

The interactivity of acetic acid through water.

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H3O+ + Ac-" height =30 src="https://www.brianowens.tv/EquilibriumArt/HAcwaterionization.gif" width=444 nosave>

Thereaction of carbon dioxide gas with a sodium hydroxide solution.

NaHCO3" height = 31 src="https://www.brianowens.tv/EquilibriumArt/CO2NaOHRXN.gif" width=311 nosave>