Gamers often tend to harp on video game companies because that the very public mistakes lock make. While many of the criticism is clearly deserved, periodically a studio will find out from the misstep, listen to the playerbase, and come up through a solution that both meets the financial requirements of the studio and the expectation of the players.

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I counting the World of Warships dockyard occasions as an example of such a compromise in between those that play the game and also those who design the game. Permit me explain.

It all started roughly this time last year, during the new year’s celebration event event. I had actually been playing World of Warships for number of months, so i was just coming to be familiar with special events and celebrations. For this particular brand-new year’s event, the main attraction was to it is in the indict of the dockyard, a cool small addition that enabled players to progression through assorted phases that shipbuilding by reaching particular objectives (challenges) within the game. The dockyard shown a delivery being developed in dry-dock, and also the animations progressed as the goals were met.

To peak off the entire celebration, Wargaming declared that the end an outcome of the dockyard occasion would create a top tier American cruiser (the Puerto Rico) the the player would certainly then have in his or her inventory to usage in matches and battles. Much less patient players might “buy” building and construction phases in the cash shop to rate up the shipbuilding process.


As players began to acquire into the event, however, it became clear that the objectives set forth for the dockyard event would it is in unattainable in ~ the allotted timeframe. The was true also assuming the days of grinding for the ship would certainly not it is in missed for such inconveniences as holiday gatherings and also travel. (Remember holiday gatherings? Ah, those were the days!)

Very quickly, players established that they to be being suckered into a grind that they would eventually finish up paying to finish. After ~ all, once you’ve invested that lot time towards a goal, human psychology compels united state to power with to the end, regardless of the price. In business, this is dubbed the sunk price dilemma. It truly is a dilemma: If you wanted to merely skip every one of the nonsense and buy the entire ship (through phases) on day 1, the would collection you ago a cool $230.00. Execute I go ahead and also pay the money to end up the ship even though I’m upset at the company for trapping me right into spending it, or perform I quit and also let my vacation grind walk to waste?

As you deserve to imagine, this occasion was not a huge hit with World of Warships players. To this day, if you type “World that Warships Puerto Rico” right into the Google search bar, “disaster” is among the autocomplete choices, along with “apology” and also “refund.” such an interesting coincidence the the letters PR stand for both Puerto Rico and also Public Relations, since PR catastrophe easily used to both!

Many longtime players who had actually been ~ above edge due to the fact that the aircraft carrier re-work determined that this event was the final straw and also walked away because that good. It wasn’t just the evident manipulative psychology gift employed that led to players to gain upset. Previous winter holiday occasions had to be much an ext generous in the kind of heavily discounted – even free – premium ships. When a game company can’t be expected to lavish loads of cost-free stuff ~ above the playerbase, there was a history of vacation generosity the was not only betrayed yet turned right into a price-gouging experience. Rather of being provided a vacation gift, the playerbase felt together if Wargaming to be trying come trick them right into paying because that their very own Christmas presents.


To Wargaming’s credit, the firm tried to concern an apology, kind of, though the apology was an ext about exactly how it mishandled interacting the event and therefore it was crooked people’s expectation of the attainability that the Puerto Rico. And any effort at goodwill was consequently negated as Wargaming behavior to encompass a spreadsheet justifying exactly how the Puerto Rico could potentially it is in earned in ~ the allotted time period. It felt type of like an “I’m sorry you to be offended, yet you’re still wrong” apology. I’m ready to reduced the team a tiny slack on this one since it’s a Russian agency and it’s feasible some nuance is shed in the translation, yet it quiet stung.

Perhaps an admission of error can ideal be checked out in how Wargaming transformed the dockyard occasion for the summer that 2020. It’s same to say the a mass of the playerbase to be enthusiastic around watching the delivery be built in drydock. (The art department at Wargaming is constantly vested high marks also as other elements of the video game are criticized.)

Around the 4th of July, it ran a second event using the dockyard mechanic. Together Wargaming seems to have a knack for to run these type of occasions while i’m traveling because that the holidays, ns missed 7 days of grinding and also did no anticipate making lot progress toward the finish goal, a tier 8 German battleship dubbed Odin. The communication around the occasion was much improved, as Wargaming made the abundantly clear that players would not be able to achieve the Odin because that free. In fact, also if all objectives were complete, the final two step of building and construction would should be purchased with doubloons (cash store currency).

While part players tho balked in ~ the concept of having to pay, many viewed it together a substantial improvement over the Puerto Rico event. At the very least Wargaming to be being up-front around the price instead of do the efforts to attract players to start a grind under the false presumption that the ship could be obtained for free. Countless players would certainly happily grind the objectives and also view the Odin together a ship that had actually been discounted because that the event. The amount of the discount was dependent upon how much that the grind the player can complete. Due to the fact that Wargaming had actually a guaranteed revenue from the final two phases of construction, castle were likewise able to design objectives that were much more attainable.

Even while lacking seven job of the event, ns was quiet able to complete at least half of the missions with small effort. For my grind, i was awarded the “halfway” ship, the prize that players received when they completed half of the Odin directives, the Admiral Graf Spee.


The third dockyard drew from much of the success that the Odin event. In the 3rd dockyard, the cool prize to be a tier 8 US heavy cruiser Anchorage. Again, Wargaming made it clear that at least two of the building stages would have to be purchase and noted an option for those 2 stages to be purchased up-front for a hefty discount. If players to be confident they to be going to complete all of the directives, they might conceivably acquisition the Anchorage for the doubloon equivalent of around $8 US.

I, having never completely participated in a dockyard, was no so i was sure in mine abilities, therefore I made decision to shot to finish as many of the missions as possible and purchase the remaining stages only if I can get the expense down to a reasonable amount. I discovered the missions to it is in obtainable with some intermediary level of effort (and plenty of different ships) and also would have probably benefitted native the sell to acquisition the discounted stages had I known.

As the turned out, I was able to grind through 17 construction phases but decided to go ahead and also purchase the continuing to be three, together doing so would likewise unlock the research bureau because that me, i beg your pardon under normal scenarios would call for me to achieve five tech-tree tier 10 pearl (I have only one therefore far). It finished up costing me close to $30 united state for the Anchorage and research bureau. Ns happy come say that i both appreciated the event and also feel as if I gained my money’s worth.

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It’s fair to say the the initial implementation the the World that Warships dockyard occasion was rife with issues, both in communication and also execution. However after originally being somewhat defensive and combative toward the playerbase, Wargaming clearly resolved to choose up the pieces, move forward, and improve the event. The last two dockyard occasions were marked improvements over the original Puerto Rico event and even got to the point of gift enjoyable. Let’s expect WoWS is maybe to proceed the trend, as the following dockyard event, the one-year anniversary the the Puerto Rico disaster, is right roughly the corner.