A trait that causes good leaders to have deep concern for others is sincerity because sincerniry is the act of bring honest and truthful.

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Which trait of good leaders causes them to have deep concern for others quizlet?
Which trait of good leaders causes them to have deep concern for others? Reinforcing established standards is an example of discipline. Flexibility is a key characteristic for all leadership styles. A commitment to being ethical is important for good leadership.
The best answer of those put forward would be RESPECT. Respecting all members of the community as being equal and entitled to same levels of health and social care is the direction that would set a leader to be concerned for those without privilege and access to life improving opportunities. Jul 22, 2016
delegative leadership Answer Expert Verified. the type of leadership style that is most helpful in emergency situation is : C. delegative leadership Delegative leadership refer to the hands-off type of eladership that allow each member of the team to make their own decision. Sep 10, 2016
Democratic leadership Democratic leadership is one of the most effective leadership styles because it allows lower-level employees to exercise authority they"ll need to use wisely in future positions they might hold. It also resembles how decisions can be made in company board meetings. Feb 7, 2020
The Responsibilities of a Team Leader Lead by Example. This is one of the most important leadership skills. ... Ensure Long-Term Organizational Success. Focus on the long term. ... Improve the Organization from Day 1. ... Focus on the Big Picture. ... Ask Tough Questions. ... Have a Basic Understanding of the Job and Organization. ... Be Committed. ... Maintain Integrity. Oct 9, 2020
Answer Expert Verified. An element which does not attribute to one"s best effort is letter C: letting the other team score easily. Because in this case, you are not defending your team and just let the other team grab the chance of winning in a competition. Feb 8, 2016
True, successful leaders allow others to take risks, but only if those risks are going to beneficial to them later on, meaning that they might make it seem like it"s your choice, but it"s rather his/hers. Feb 21, 2016
A student can show a teacher that he has good character traits by listening attentively in class. Every teacher"s wish is for a student to pass his or her subjects so when a student listens attentively in class whiles the teacher I teaching, it shows the teacher that you are willing to succeed. Nov 13, 2020
Having highly qualified employees is important when using a delegative leadership style in the workplace.

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8 Most Effective Management Styles Democratic Management Style. ... Coaching Management Style. ... Affiliative Management Style. ... Pacesetting Management Style. ... Authoritative Management Style. ... Coercive Management Style. ... Laissez-Faire Management Style. ... Persuasive Management Style. Mar 28, 2019
Yes, Leadership Can Be Learned! Leadership is something that you can work at and develop over time. ... There are a number of aspects of leadership that require practice. It"s not all built around inborn personality traits. Even the best leaders you can think of didn"t have these skills honed from day one.