The second is specifically odd bereason it has actually such a huge gap between the verb "recreate" and also its straight object "her look." It is not ungrammatical to sepaprice verb and object, yet it is idiomatic to save the separation relatively short. It probably is ungrammatical to have that triple "as."

Moreover, both are redundant, and also "nearly" does not strike me as the extremely finest word in this context. Here are some idiomatic variants that have slightly various interpretations,

I want to reproduce her look as carefully as possible

This does not necessarily mean that I personally desire to be the one doing it.

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I desire to redevelop her look as very closely as I can

This does not imply that my capacity to execute so is the ideal obtainable.

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answered Jul 13 "20 at 23:39

Jeff MorrowJeff Morrow
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