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During the year 1917, the underwater battles of the First World War took place most intense in the Atlantic Ocean. Since the German navy, Kaiserliche Marine was much less powerful than the British Navy, Robrianowens.tvl Navy, the Germans had to use submarines to be invisible and to be able to sink allied ships. The problem with this tactic was that by attacking underwater, it was not possible to see which country owned the boats attacked. That"s why in May 1915, the Germans sank a British ocean liner, the Lusitania, and killed 123 Americans.

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The German armies had to suspend their submarine attacks for two years to prevent the United States from declaring war on them. However, as they began to suffer some defeat and also because the war lasted too long, their submarines began firing again from January 1917. This decision pushed the United States declared war on Germany, and the year 1917 was a year of total war in the Atlantic ocean.

During the World war I, the 345 German U-Boote had sunk 6394 merchant ships and nearly 100 warships. Despite their defeat in this global conflict, the Germans have been effective in this type of attack.

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Option (C) is correct. German submarines made unrestricted attacks on ships is the correct option.

Further Explanation:

German’s submarine campaign during World War I:

In World War I, Germany was engaged in the unrestricted submarine warfare. It is a situation where submarines attack cargo and passengers ships. In 1915, Germany started the world war by attacking RMS Lusitania. It was an ocean liner. It resulted in the death of 1,190 people, including 128 U.S citizens. The USA declared the war against Germany after this incident.

Thus, German submarines made an unrestricted attack on ships in World War I.

Justification for the correct and incorrect option:


Germany made no use of submarines: This is an incorrect option.

Germany attacked British ships and started the war against various countries such as America and Britain.


Germany used submarines in land and sea attacks: This is an incorrect option.

Submarines are not ideally used for land attacks.


German submarines made unrestricted attacks on ships: This is the correct option.

Germany attacked cargo and passengers ships of Britain and the USA.


German submarines prevented all transatlantic shipping: This is an incorrect option.

Germany attacked the cargo ships located in the British.

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