Which Statement About Fairy Tales Suggests An Indirect Cause? ?

Indirect democracy allows citizens to vote for representatives who then can create the laws of government on their behalf. It’s a very efficient way to make laws while at the same time being responsive to the people through the election of representatives.

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Which statement best describes a disadvantage of indirect democracy over direct democracy apex?

The correct answer is B) it is not a guarantee that individual voices will be considered. The statement that best describes a disadvantage of indirect democracy over direct democracy is that it is not a guarantee that individual voices will be considered.

What is direct and indirect selling?

Direct channels allow the customer to buy goods directly from the manufacturer, while an indirect channel moves the product through other distribution channels to get to the consumer. Those with indirect distribution channels must set up relationships with third-party selling systems.

How do you explain direct and indirect speech?

Examples:Direct Speech: She said, “I am watching a movie”.Indirect Speech: She said that she was watching a movie. ( Tense changed)Direct Speech: He says, “I am playing cricket”.Indirect Speech: He says that he is playing cricket. ( No change in tense)

How many types of direct and indirect speech are there?


What is the rule of indirect speech?

The past tense is often used when it is uncertain if the statement is true or when we are reporting objectively. Present Tenses in the Direct Speech are changed into Past Tense….Rules for changing Direct into Indirect Speech.

Change of place and timeDirect Speech WordIndirect Speech Word
Hence Thence
Come Go

What is a direct sentence example?

Direct speech is a sentence in which the exact words spoken are reproduced in speech marks (also known as quotation marks or inverted commas). For example: “You’ll never guess what I’ve just seen!” said Sam, excitedly. “What’s that?” asked Louise.

What is direct and reported speech with examples?

Direct Speech: He says, “I am ill.” Indirect Speech: He says that he is ill. Direct Speech: She says, “She sang a song.” Indirect Speech: She says that she sang a song.

What is the meaning of indirect?

adjective. not in a direct course or path; deviating from a straight line; roundabout: an indirect course in sailing. coming or resulting otherwise than directly or immediately, as effects or consequences: an indirect advantage.

What does indirect mean in writing?

Indirect characterization is the process of describing a character through that character’s thoughts, actions, speech, and dialogue. An author will use this type of characterization to guide the reader in making their own conclusions about a character.

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What does indirect effect mean?

Indirect effects can be defined as the impact of one organism or species on another, mediated or transmitted by a third. For example, a caterpillar may exert a direct effect on a plant by eating it.

What does indirect cause mean?

adjective. An indirect result or effect is not caused immediately and obviously by a thing or person, but happens because of something else that they have done. Businesses are feeling the indirect effects from the recession that’s going on elsewhere.

What is the definition of indirect evidence?

: evidence that establishes immediately collateral facts from which the main fact may be inferred : circumstantial evidence.

What is indirect cause of accident?

Unsafe acts and conditions are the INDIRECT CAUSES or symptoms. In turn, indirect causes are usually traceable to poor management policies and decisions, or to personal or environmental factors. These are the BASIC CAUSES. In spite of their complexity, most accidents are preventable by eliminating one or more causes.

Which statement about fairytales suggest an indirect cost?

1 Answer. Among the fairy tales, the story that suggest an indirect cause is Jack who killed the giant because he sold the cow for magic beans. Before Jack killed the giant, the magic beans that he trade with his cow grew into an enormous beanstalk.

Which statement about fairy tales suggests an indirect cause Weegy?

D. Sleeping Beauty was warned to stay away from needles but did not listen. Jack killed the giant because he sold the cow for magic beans. -is a statement about fairy tales that suggests an indirect cause.

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What is direct and indirect cost of accident?

It is easy to see the Direct Costs of an injury which can be directly attributed to the injury; including medical treatment, medicine, therapy, and workers compensation. However, there are ongoing indirect costs to consider. Indirect Costs are unbudgeted expenses that a company has to endure unexpectedly.


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