Alright, Which One Of You Degenerates Likes Hand Holding ? One Of You Degenerates Likes Hand Holding

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Hand Holding is the action of holding hands to display affection between two lovers. On the internet, threads with hand holding as the topic will often receive satirical replies usually criticizing the act as sick or lewd; sometimes applying unnecessary censorship on the hands to further visualize this idea.


Currently it is unknown when or where the meme originated from. Other then it being a run-off of unnecessary censorship with images relating to anime characters holding hands with image blur as a sexual innuendo.

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(I”ll find it later)

Various Examples


<1> /r/anime – Why would they pixel that?

<2> /r/manga – What started the censored holding hands meme?

<3> DesuStorage – search for hand holding

<4> /r/OutOfTheLoop – Why is holding hands lewd?





If God is in all of us, that means He”s in every meme too. Here are 16 of them from the Lord”s favorite meme page.

Many of the memes imagine Pokémon director Junichi Masuda threatening Serebii founder Joe Merrick for not defending the games well enough on social media.

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