1) Emily wingspaninson is ideal known for writing poetry in totally free verse.2) Olaudah Equiano, he to be on a slave-ship traveling to america and also wrote around his journey and also harsh problems to acquire to america.

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The exactly answers are:

4. Jonathan Edwards. He is a poet the is ideal known for composing poetry in complimentary verse.

5. Thomas Paine. He was a politics philosopher and writer the is ideal known because that a rigid of his trip to America.

6. Realism and also romanticism. Ambrose Bierce to be a writer 보다 lived indigenous 1842 to 1914. The belonged to the realism literary movement. Edgar Allan Poe to be a writer than belonged come the Romantic movement.




What execute the excerpts have actually in common? both allude out the catastrophic nature of situations in which kids make journeys without your parents. Both explain what immigrant youngsters must execute to survive once traveling to the unified states. Both describe why most kids want come leave central america without their parents. Both suggest the tragic problems and also their consequences that youngsters in central america have to face.
Read the excerpt from part 3 that the speak to of the wild. Yet it to be in giving the law and making his mates live up to it, that buck excelled. Dave and also sol-leks did no mind the change in leadership. It was none of their business. Their organization was come toil, and also toil mightily, in the traces. So lengthy as that were not interfered with, they walk not treatment what happened. Billee, the good-natured, might lead for all they cared, so lengthy as he kept order. The remainder of the team, however, had actually grown unruly throughout the last days of spitz, and also their surprise was good now that buck proceeded come lick them right into shape. What design template is most supported by the concepts in this excerpt? an excellent leaders are strong and intelligent. Loyalty can be a very powerful force. Only the strong survive in the wilderness. We are all ruled by our natural instincts.
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In the excerpt above, what can be inferred by the statement, "the dillingham had been flung to the breeze throughout aformer duration of prosperity.? ​
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Which of these authors is ideal known because that a rigid of his trip to america? . A. Walt whitman....

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