In the OSI design, what is the main attribute of the netjob-related layer?– Allows applications to create, usage, and finish a connection– Ensures that packets are ceded through no loss or Duplication– Routers messperiods between networks– Transmit data frames

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You are an application developer and also a writing a program to exchange video documents via a TCP/IP network. You must choose a move protocol that will certainly guarantee shipment.Which TCP/IP protocol as soon as you implement that administer this capability?FTPTCPTFTPUDPRIPIP

What is the fundamental function of the OSI physical layer?– Coordinates rules for controlling network-related servers– Coordinates rules for routing packets– Coordinates rules for transmitting bits– Defines fundamental physical frameworks such as disks

Which two of the following are had as a part of the data connect layer specifications? Select two.– Synchronizing individual bits as they are transmitted with the network– Complace of electric signals as they pass through the transmission medium– Identifying physical netjob-related devices– Controlling exactly how messperiods are propagated via the network

Which of the complying with are features of the Mac sublayer? Select 2. – Creating routing tables based upon Mac addresses– Defining a distinctive hardware deal with for each tool on network– Letting gadgets on the netoccupational have actually access to the LAN– Mapping hardware addresses to the attach layer addresses

– Defining a unique hardware deal with for each tool on network– Letting tools on the network have actually access to the LAN

In the OSI version, which of the following functions are perdeveloped at the presentation layer? Select 2. – Specified information format such as file formats– Maintain separate client connections–Transmit data frames– Encrypt and also compressed data– Provide network services– Handle basic netjob-related accessibility, circulation manage, and also error recovery

Which of the complying with work is associated through the session layer?– Host ID number assignment–Connection establishment– Acknowledgment coordination– Transmission synchronization

The you"d UDP carry protocol gives which of the following features? Select 2.– Guaranteed delivery–sequence numbers and also acknowledgments– Connections diagram service– Low overhead

Which of the adhering to protocols consists of considerable error checking to ensure that a transmission is sent and also obtained without mistakes?UDBUDPTCPUCP

The information attach layer of the OSI design is made up of two sub layers. What are they? Select 2.LATDLCMACLLCSAN

Which three of the adhering to features are perdeveloped by the OSI transport layer? Select three.–Consistent information formatting in between disequivalent systems– End to End circulation control– Reliable message delivery–format packets for shipment via the media– Documents segmentation and reassembly– Path identification and also selection– Control media access, logical topology, and gadget identification

Which of the adhering to features are performed at the physical layer of the OSI model?– Data translation–enablement of network-related services– Conversation identification– Provision of an setting in which to run network applications– Movement of information across netjob-related cables

Which OSI design there is responsible for guaranteeing reliable message delivery?– Transport– Datalink– Application– session

In the OSI design, which of the following functions are performed at the application layer? Select 2.– Data translation– Enabling interaction between network clients and services– Integration of netjob-related usability right into the organize operating system– Conversation identification

– Enabling communication in between netoccupational clients and services– Integration of netoccupational use right into the host operating system

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