Which Of The Following Statements Best Describes A Mushroom?

You are snorkeling off the coast of Florida, and you come across a large calcified structure covered by small cnidarian polyps. To which group do these organisms belong?

Class Anthozoa

Sponges can be found in both marine and freshwater environments.

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Which of the following statements regarding yeasts is inaccurate?

They are a monophyletic group.

Members of Phylum Cnidaria are more closely related to members of Phylum Porifera than to bilateral animals.


All fungi are passive-feeding saprophytes.

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Members of Kingdom Fungi are most closely related to which other group of eukaryotes?

Kingdom Animalia

Which of the following statements best describes a mushroom?

It’s the fruiting body of the fungus.

Members of Phylum Porifera are unique among animals because they contain __ distinct tissue layers.

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Organisms in this protist phylum are closely related to sponges.

Phylum Choanoflagellata

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