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Which of the complying with is the primary strategy for transmitting IPv6 web traffic over an IPv4 network?

A. Subnetting

B. Tunneling

C. Supernetting

D. Contracting

Which of the complying with is the IPv6 identical to a exclusive IPv4 address?

A. Link-regional uniactors address

B. Global distinct unicast address

C. Unique local unicast address

D. Anycast address

C. Unique local unicast addresses are the IPv6 indistinguishable of the,, and also private netjob-related addresses in IPv4

Which of the following is an automatic tunneling protocol supplied by Windows operating devices that are situated behind NAT routers?

A. Teredo

B. 6to4



A. Terecarry out is a system that permits devices behind non-IPv6 NAT routers to feature as tunnel endpoints

Which kind of IP address should a mechanism have to be visible from the Internet?

A. Registered

B. Binary

C. Class B

D. Subnetted

Which of the adhering to subnet mask values would certainly you usage when configuring a TCP/IP client with an IPv4 attend to on the network?






C. In binary develop, the mask is 11111111.11111111.11100000.00000000, which has 19 netoccupational identifier bits

Which of the complying with terms ideal describes the component that enables DHCP clients to connect via DHCP servers on various other subnets?

A. Forwarder

B. Resolver

C. Scope

D. Relay agent

D. a relay agent is a software module that receives DHCP broadcast messeras and forwards them to a DHCP server on one more subnet

Which of the following message kinds is not supplied during a successful DHCP deal with assignment?




Which of the adhering to DHCP resolve alplace types is the identical of a reservation in Windows Server 2012 R2?

A. Dynamic allocation

B. Automatic allocation

C. Manual allocation

D. Hybrid allocation

C. Manual allocation is when the DHCP server permanently assigns a details IP deal with to a details computer on the network-related. In the Windows Server 2012 R2 DHCP server, manually alsituated addresses are dubbed reservations

Which of the following netjob-related components are generally capable of functioning as DHCP relay agents?

A. Windows 8.1 computers

B. Routers

C. Switches

D. Windows Server 2012 R2 computers

B. Most IP routers have actually DHCP relay agent capabilities constructed right into them. If the routers connecting your subnets are so equipped, you can use them as relay agents, eliminating the require for a DHCP server on each subnet.

D. If your routers cannot feature as DHCP relay agents, you can usage the relay agent capcapability constructed into the Windows server operating systems. In Windows Server 2012 R2, the DHCP relay agent capability is constructed right into the Remote Access role

Which of the following TCP/IP parameters is commonly deployed as a scope option in DHCP?

A. DNS Server

B. Subnet Mask

C. Lease Duration

D. Default Gateway

D. The default gatemethod should be a router on the same subnet as the IP addresses the DHCP server is allocating. Thus, the gateway address is different for every scope and also have to be deployed as a scope option

Which of the following resource document forms includes the indevelopment a DNS server requirements to perdevelop reverse name lookups?

A. A




Which of the following would certainly be the correct FQDN for a resource record in a reverse lookup zone if the computer"s IP address is





A. To settle the IP deal with into a name, a DNS server would locate a doprimary referred to as in the usual manner and read the contents of a resource record called 88 in that domain

Which of the adhering to is not among the facets of DNS?

A. Resolvers

B. Relay agents

C. Name servers

D. Namespace

B. Relay agents are router devices that allow DHCP clients to connect via servers on various other networks

In which of the complying with DNS transactions does the querying mechanism generate a recursive query?

A. A DNS client sends the server name to its designated DNS server for resolution

B. A client"s DNS server sends a request to a root domain server to uncover the authoritative server for the com top-level domain

C. A client"s DNS server sends out a research to the com top-level domain server to discover the authoritative server for the domain

D. A client"s DNS server sends out a repursuit to the domajor server to find the IP deal with linked through the server name www.

A. When a customer sends out a name resolution query to its DNS server, it supplies a recursive request so that the server will take on the obligation for readdressing the name

Which of the complying with includes the controls offered to modify DNS name caching?

A. The Forwarders tab of a server"s properties sheet

B. The State of Authority (SOA) tab of a zone"s Properties sheet

C. The Root Hints tab of a server"s Properties sheet

D. The New Zone Wizard

B. The Start of Authority (SOA) tab of a zone"s Properties sheet consists of the Minimum (Default) TTL establishing that controls DNS name caching for the zone

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