Which of the complying with is not true through regard to direct products for a bakery?a.Oil to lubricate factory makers would not be a straight material.b.Flour and also sugar would more than likely be straight materials.c.Eggs would most likely be a straight product.d.Paper cupcake liners, that become part of the product, have to be accounted for as direct materials.

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The cost of a manufactured product generally consists of which of the complying with costs?a.straight labor price, direct materials cost, and factory overhead costb.straight labor cost and factory overhead expense onlyc.direct materials cost and also factory overhead expense onlyd.straight materials price and also straight labor price only
Which of the following is an instance of straight products price for an auto manufacturer?a.salary of manufacturing supervisorb.expense of wages of assembly workerc.price of interior upholsteryd.expense of oil lubricants for manufacturing facility machinery
A plant manager"s salary is a(n)a.instraight costb.direct cost and also an indirect costc.period costd.straight cost
Costs various other than straight products price and also straight labor cost incurred in the manufacturing process are classified asa.product costsb.duration costc.assorted expensed.manufacturing facility overhead cost
Period expenses includea.current liabilities on the balance sheetb.operating expenses that are shown on the revenue statement in the duration in which they are incurredc.operating prices that are shown on the earnings statement once commodities are soldd.existing assets on the balance sheet
An example of a duration expense isa.declaring expenseb.depreciation on factory equipmentc.indirect materialsd.building taxes on plant facilities
Which of the adhering to accounts will certainly be found on the earnings statement?a.Inventoryb.Cost of Goods Soldc.Work in Processd.Finiburned Goods
The 3 a lot of common price habits classifications location.addressed prices, variable expenses, and mixed costsb.variable expenses, sunk costs, and opportunity costsc.variable costs, product prices, and sunk costsd.variable prices, duration prices, and also differential costs
Costs that remajor continuous in total dollar amount as the level of task changes are referred to as ________ prices.a.fixedb.productc.variabled.mixed
Which of the adhering to describes the actions of the resolved expense per unit?a.stays consistent via alters in productionb.increases with increasing productionc.decreases with enhancing productiond.decreases through decreasing production
Which of the adhering to statements is true about solved and variable costs?a.Both expenses are consistent when thought about on a complete basis.b.Variable expenses are continuous in total, and also addressed prices vary in total.c.Fixed prices are constant in full, and also variable expenses are constant per unit.d.Both costs are consistent as soon as thought about on a per-unit basis.
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