Which Of The Following Compounds Are Chiral? Which Of The Following Compounds Is/Are Chiral

Which of the following compounds can have stereoisomers?A. 2-penteneB. 3-chloropentaneC. 2-methyl-1-buteneD. 1-butene

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Which of the following compounds has both cis and trans isomers possible?A. 2-methyl-3-hexyneB. 6-methyl-3-hepteneC. 2,3-dimethylpentaneD. 1,1-dibromopropene
Which of the following compounds are chiral?A. 2-bromo-2- chlorobutaneB. chloromethaneC. ethaneD. 2-bromo-2-chloropropane
Which of the following compounds contains a chiral carbon center?A. chloroethaneB. 1,1-dichloroethaneC. 2-butanolD. dibromochloromethane
In the Tollens” test, a silver nitrate and ammonia solution has a silver +1 ion being reduced, resulting in the formation of a layer of silver on the container. This reduction happens in the presence of a molecule with a(n) _____________ functional group.A. alcoholB. etherC. ketoneD. aldehyde
Which of the following indicates that a molecule has 5 carbon atoms in its longest chain and contains an aldehyde?A. 2-pentanolB. 3-methylbutanalC. 2-pentanoneD. pentanal
Which of the following objects would be a chiral object?A. a spoonB. a pencilC. a tennis shoeD. a scarf
Name the ketone with a five carbon group on the right and a two carbon group on the left.A. pentyl ethyl ketoneB. ethane pentane ketoneC. propyl pentyl ketoneD. ethyl pentyl ketone
Name the compound with the following structural formula: CH2Cl-CH2-CH2(CH3)-CH2-CHOA. 5-chloro-3-methylpentanalB. 5-chloro-3-methylhexanalC. 5-aldehyde-3-methyl-1-pentylchlorideD. 1-chloro-3-methyl-5-pentanal
Assuming all of these molecules have the same number of carbon atoms, which functional group would have the highest boiling point?A. alcoholB. aldehydeC. alkeneD. ketone
An aldehyde is formed when a _______________ is oxidized while a ketone is formed when a _______________ is oxidized.A. primary alcohol; tertiary alcoholB. secondary alcohol; primary alcoholC. primary alcohol; secondary alcoholD. tertiary alcohol; secondary alcohol
The structure for which biologically important molecule is due to the formation of a hemiacetal?A. carbohydratesB. triglyceridesC. proteinsD. DNA
The Benedict”s test is a way to identify, through a chemical reaction, whether an aldehyde group is adjacent to a hydroxyl group. Which of the following is true?A. If there is no precipitate, there is no hydroxyl.B. A positive test gives a brick red precipitate.C. If there is no precipitate, there is no aldehyde.D. A positive test gives a silver coating on the surface of the container.

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Enantiomers are molecules that have which of the following?A. no chiral carbonsB. at least two of the same atoms or groups bonded to the same carbonC. nonsuperimposable mirror imagesD. a plane of symmetry
Which compound contains a chiral carbon atom?A. 3-bromopentaneB. 2-bromopentaneC. 3-chloropentaneD. 2-bromopropane
Choose the structure in which the chiral carbon atom is highlighted in red.A. far right C(H3)B. upper right C(H3)C. far left C-connected to OH and HD. middle C


Student Solutions Manual for Straumanis” Organic Chemistry: A Guided Inquiry2nd EditionJanice Gorzynski Smith





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