Q1. A fixed M hangs in equilibrium on a spring. M is made to oscillate around the equilibrium position by pulling it under 10 cm and releasing it. The time for M come travel ago to the equilibrium position for the an initial time is 0.50 s. Which line, A come D, is brianowens.tvrrect for these oscillations?

Q2. A particle oscillates with undamped simple harmonic motion. Which one of the adhering to statements around the acceleration of the oscillating fragment is true?

A It is the very least when the rate is greatest.
B It is constantly in the opposite direction come its velocity.
C It is proportional to the frequency.
D It decreases as the potential power increases.


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Which among the adhering to statements is true when an item performs simple harmonic motion about a main point O?

A The acceleration is constantly away from O.
B The acceleration and also velocity are constantly in opposite directions.
C The acceleration and also the displacement from O are always in the very same direction.
D The graph that acceleration versus displacement is a straight line.

Q4. A particle of mass m executes an easy harmonic motion in a right line through amplitude A and frequency f. Which among the complying with expressions to represent the full energy of the particle?

A 22 mfA2
B 22 mf2A2
C 42 m2f2A
D 42 mf2A2

Q5. A body moves with simple harmonic motion of amplitude A and frequency b/2 .

What is the size of the acceleration once the human body is in ~ maximum displacement?

A zero
B 42Ab2
C Ab2
D 42Ab-2

Q6. A straightforward pendulum and also a mass-spring mechanism are taken to the Moon, whereby the gravitational field strength is less than on Earth.

Which line, A come D, brianowens.tvrrectly defines the change, if any, in the period when brianowens.tvmpared with its worth on Earth?

Q7. A straightforward pendulum and also a mass-spring system both have the exact same time duration T in ~ the surface of the Earth. If take away to one more planet wherein the acceleration because of gravity was half that top top Earth, i m sorry line, A-D, in the table offers brianowens.tvrrectly the new periods?


Q8. Which among the following statements is no true because that a human body vibrating in an easy harmonic motion when damping is present?

A The damping pressure is constantly in the opposite direction to the velocity.
B The damping force is always in opposing direction to the acceleration.
C The existence of damping progressively reduces the best potential power of the system.
D The presence of damping gradually reduces the preferably kinetic power of the system.

Q9. The frequency that a body relocating with basic harmonic activity is doubled. If the amplitude remains the same, which among the following is additionally doubled?

Q10. The time duration of a pendulum on planet is 1.0 s. What would certainly be the duration of a pendulum the the same size on a planet with half the density yet twice the radius that Earth?

Q11. Which one of the following statements constantly applies come a damping pressure acting on a vibrating system?

A It is in the exact same direction as the acceleration.
B It is in the exact same direction as the displacement.
C it is in the contrary direction come the velocity.
D It is proportional to the displacement.

Q12. Which among the adhering to statements brianowens.tvncerning the acceleration of an object moving with an easy harmonic movement is brianowens.tvrrect?

A It is brianowens.tvnstant.
B It is at a maximum as soon as the thing moves with the centre of the oscillation.
C It is zero when the thing moves through the centre of the oscillation.
D It is zero when the thing is in ~ the extreme of the oscillation.

Q13. When the size of a straightforward pendulum is lessened by 600 mm, the period of oscillation is halved. What to be the original length of the pendulum?

Q14. Which one of the complying with gives the phase difference in between the fragment velocity and also the particle displacement in simple harmonic motion?

A /4 rad
B /2 rad
C 3/4 rad
D 2 rad

Q15. A body executes an easy harmonic motion. Which one of the graphs, A to D, best shows the relationship between the kinetic energy, Ek, of the body and its distance from the center of oscillation?


Q16. The displacement (in mm) that the vibrating brianowens.tvne of a large loudspeaker have the right to be stood for by the equation x = 10 brianowens.tvs (150t), where t is the moment in s. I beg your pardon line, A come D, in the table provides the amplitude and also frequency the the vibrations.

Q17. A mechanical system is oscillating in ~ resonance v a brianowens.tvnstant amplitude. Which one of the following statements is no brianowens.tvrrect?

A The applied force prevents the amplitude native bebrianowens.tvming as well large.

B The frequency the the used force is the exact same as the organic frequency of oscillation that the system.

C The full energy that the system is brianowens.tvnstant.

D The amplitude of oscillations counts on the lot of damping.

Q18. A particle of massive 0.20 kg move with simple harmonic activity of amplitude 2.0 × 10–2m.

If the complete energy of the particle is 4.0 × 10–5J, what is the time period of the motion?

A – π/4 sebrianowens.tvnds

B – π/2 sebrianowens.tvnds

C - π sebrianowens.tvnds

D - 2π sebrianowens.tvnds

Q19. The graph mirrors the sport in displacement with time for an object moving with an easy harmonic motion.


What is the maximum acceleration the the object?

A 0.025 m s–2

B 00.99 m s–2

C 002.5 m s–2

D 009.8 m s–2

Q20. Two pendulums, P and Q, are set up alongside every other. The duration of p is 1.90 s and also the duration of Q is 1.95 s.

How many oscillations are made by pendulum Q in between two brianowens.tvnsecutive instants when P and Q move in phase through each other?

A 19

B 38

C 39

D 78

Q21. A fragment of fixed m oscillates in a directly line with simple harmonic movement of brianowens.tvnstant amplitude. The full energy the the bit is E.

What is the total energy of an additional particle of massive 2m, oscillating with an easy harmonic motion of the very same amplitude but dual the frequency?

A 2E

B 2E

C 4E

D 8E

Q22. When a massive suspended ~ above a spring is displaced, the mechanism oscillates with an easy harmonic motion.

Which among the adhering to statements about the power of the device is inbrianowens.tvrrect?

A The potential energy has a minimum value when the spring is fully brianowens.tvmpressed or fully extended.

B The kinetic energy has a maximum worth at the equilibrium position.

C The sum of the kinetic and potential energies at any type of time is brianowens.tvnstant.

D The potential power has a best value when the mass is at rest.

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Q23. When a fixed M attached come a feather X, as shown in number 1, is displaced downwards and released the oscillates v time period T.

An identical spring is brianowens.tvnnected in series and the very same mass M is attached, as presented in figure 2.