Which Best Describes The Purpose of The 2nd Continental Congress?

So, you desire to recognize which ideal describes the function of the Second Continental Congress?

Am I right?

Okay, we can divide the 2nd Continental Congress’s function through their 4 major actions below:

Answer In Quick & Quick:


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The Last Attempt To Avoid The Inevitable Revolutionary War Between The Empire of Great Britain And The 13 Colonies of North America.

2. Building A Powerful Continental Military For The Future Armed Confrontations Against The British Royal Forces And Appointing Diplomats For Seeking Foregime Powers’ Aid (Especially, Enemy Nations of Great Britain)

3. To Give Birth A New Nation, Completely Separate From The 13 Colonies’ Mother Country, Great Britain. Of Course, That New Counattempt Was The USA of America.

4. To Form ‘A De Facto National Government’ For Managing Everypoint Smoothly During The Revolutionary War.

Read The Descriptions Below To Understand Everything Clearly…

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2. Building A Powerful Continental Military And Appointing Diplomats For Seeking Foregime Powers’ Help

The leaders of the 2nd Continental Congress were exceptionally smart and they knew that the 13 colonies’ connection via King George and also British Parliament would never before be normal aacquire.

Seeing the worst case, they realized that they would shortly have to involve in some significant armed confrontations versus British Royal pressures.

For this reason, an additional objective of this Congress was to strengthen its armed forces strength as much as possible.

To make that take place, they appointed some well-skilled and effective military leaders prefer George Washington.

Also, Congress knew that they can’t defeat British Royal forces alone in face-to-face combat; after all, the British army was the world’s most powerful equipped force, at that time.

For this factor, they focused on seeking foreign powers’ aid for the straight involvement in the war.

Especially, they appointed some good diplomats choose Benjamin Franklin, Arthur Lee, Silas Deane, and send them to France to request King Louis XVI for their involvement.

Of course, you understand, at the moment, France was the greatest adversary of the British Realm and they constantly wanted to take revenge for the defeat of the Salso Years’ War (1756-63).

From 1778, France’s armed forces straight entered the battle for helping revolutionists.

Along through France, Spain, and also Netherlands (indirectly) additionally involved in the war. 

Although, Spain and also Netherlands (merchants) offered their support by means of supplying money, gunpowder, and other important pieces of equipment.

Militarily, they didn’t involve.

3. The Brith of A Completely New Nation, The United States of America, Separate From The Mother Country Great Britain

At the founding of the Second Congress, colonists’ function wregarding produce even more push on Great Britain for repealing the five Intolerable Acts.

But as soon as the delegateways began realizing that the Parliament and also King were not all set to fulfill their requirements under any kind of scenarios, their objective completely relocated towards independence.

In the mid of 1776 on July fourth, after they battled many type of battles, the 13 nests declared self-reliance from their mom nation and provided birth to a new nation.

And yes, it was today’s the United States of America.

4. To Form ‘A De Facto National Government’ For Managing Everypoint Throughout The Revolutionary War

The Second Continental Congress’ objective deserve to also be ideal described from its intention of creating a de facto national government at the outset of the Revolutionary War.

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Congress kbrand-new that they need their very own governing body to run everything smoothly and also make the Revolutionary War effective.

Congress’ this objective fulfillment significantly benefited them in situation of raising continental militias, directing war tactics, appointing diplomats for seeking various other nations’ assist, composing the declaration of self-reliance, and in many type of other instances.


I think these are the 4 points, which finest defines the function of the Second Continental Congress.