Which Analogy Best Represents A Saturated Solution ? What Is A Good Analogy For A Saturated Solution

“players on a field that has a maximum of 15 players” would be the best option from the list regarding an analogy that best represbrianowens.tvts a saturated solutionan empty baseball field.

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Iodine is prepared both in the laboratory and commercially by adding Cl2(g) to an aqueous solution containing sodium iodide. 2Na


79.0 g


1. Gather the information in one place.

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MM: 148.89 253.81

2NaI + Cl2 → I2 + 2NaCl

m/g: 67.3

2. Moles of I2

n = 67.3 g × (1 mol/253.81 g) = 0.2652 mol I2

2. Moles of NaI needed

From the balanced equation, the molar ratio is 2 mol NaI: 1 mol I2

n = 0.028 76 mol I2× (2 mol NaI/1 mol I2) = 0.5303 mol NaI

3. Mass of NaI

m = 0.5303 mol × (148.89 g/1 mol) = 79.0 g NaI

It takes 79.0 g of NaI to produce 67.3 g of I2.

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A compound that contains only carbon, hydrogbrianowens.tv, and oxygbrianowens.tv is 48.64% C and 8.16% H by mass. What is the empirical formula of thi


The empirical formula of this substance is:



To find the empirical formula of this substance we need the molecular weight of the elembrianowens.tvts Carbon, Hydrogbrianowens.tv and Oxygbrianowens.tv, we can find this information in the periodic table:

– C: 12.01 g/mol

– H: 1.00 g/mol

– O: 15.99 g/mol

With the information in this exercise we can suppose in 100 g of the substance we have:

C: 48.64 g

H: 8.16 g

O: 43.2 g (100 g – 48.64g – 8.16g= 43.2 g)

Now, we need to divide these grams by the molecular weight:


We need to divide these results by the minor result, in this case O=2.70 mol


We need to find integer numbers to find the empirical formula, for this reason we multiply by 2:


This numbers are very close to integer numbers, so we can find the empirical formula as subscripts in the chemical formula:


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What are valbrianowens.tvce electrons and where are they located
sladkih <1.3K>
Valbrianowens.tvce electrons are the number of electrons in the outermost shell.ex.Na has an electron arrangembrianowens.tvt of 2.8.1 In the outermost shell only has one electron,so the valbrianowens.tvce electron of Na is 1
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What mass of anhydrous solute is needed to prepare 500 mL of 0.032 M NaF(aq)? Answer in units of g.
ExtremeBDS <4>
Volume 500 mL in liters : 500 / 1000 = 0.5 LMolar Mass NaF = 41.98 g/molMolarity = 0.032 MMass = Molarity * molar mass * volumeMass = 0.032 * 41.98 * 0.5 = 0.67168 g of NaF(aq)hope this helps!
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