Where To Buy Fresh Aloe Vera Leaves Near Me Lissa'S Aloe Leaves, Each

Many people do not buy a brand or juice or lotion, they buy the actual leaf, skin it and make their own products from the gel inside. Ultimately this is the best solution for the purest gel.

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Leaves suitable for making juices

Being able to buy fresh leaves depends greatly on where you live. Remember leaves that contain gel which is suitable for drinking should be:

From the Aloe Barbadensis Miller variety of Aloe Vera.From a plant that is three to five years old

These leaves will be about 2 feet / 60 centimeters long.

The Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia

In these regions Aloe Vera grows naturally and so it is often found for sale on markets or in grocery stores. If yours does not stock them ask the owner, he or she may be able to source them from his or her wholesaler.

North USA and Canada

Your local grocery store may be able to source vacum packed aloe vera leaves. These are not quite as fresh but the packing process stops the gel in the leaf being exposed to air, oxidizing and losing its potency.

Europe and Russia

It”s much harder to get hold of Aloe Vera leaves in these regions as even vacum packed leaves have a short shelf life and few wholesalers have experimented with importing.

Leaves suitable for applying to the skin


A typical aloe vera pot plant.

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Smaller Aloe Vera pot plants that can go on your window sill are popular world wide as the ends of the leaves can be broken off and the gel squeezed out to treat cuts, wounds and burns.

You”ll find these in most gardening centers or markets even in climates where the plant would not survive outdoors.

Caring for your Aloe Vera pot plant


An Aloe Vera plant with floppy leaves because it has not been exposed to the wind.

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The following is recommended care for pot plants:

Keep them in a sunny locationDo not let the plant be exposed to frostIn summer weather, if possible, place the plant outside in a windy location to help strengthen the leaves.

Further Information

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