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(feat. 8 Ball, Bun B)She say she love meShe she say (she love me)She say she love however,All we carry out currently is fucking fightIf I ask you rob that bankWith me would certainly you perform it?Would perform ya time likeMartha stwert? Would bust aNine would certainly ya go back wouldYa put ya life on the lineWith me hit the dough track?(dough track) is ya down well ya beat a coch down? If a pimp couldn"tSwim would certainly ya let a pimp drown?Could soptimal naggin me around last night two wrongs do not make a appropriate, all we execute is fucking fightKiss and consist of lay up all night, currently bfinish over why I lay thisPipe, while I beat the coochieUp till the borad day light,She say she love me butWhen I"m in the studio she beGettin all lova (she say she love me) but I can obtain fuck bout causeI"m bout my money, bently cumma ridin jumma, money loans choose cqcumbas, obtained that twig pushin feesFrankisin execute two 3 (two three) I"m bout my money hangin outThe window throwing up the playBoy bunny, aint never phony imaKeep it relocating male cause I"m alwaysHungry lil mama what it is tell what it be? Do you need a lil kim toA lil qulity time a lil bumpin an grind a lil wine and dime a lil movie, a lil money, some time a lilDochi kanbe, cheri, lou vatin a lil jewlery, why you mad why you alwaysTake it out on me why you alwaysShowing out in front company?<8 Ball>Man aint never viewed one look choose you cutie damn!!5"2 through a nice round booty you was simply my type andI can check out it in yo eyes and I kbrand-new that from day one stayinUp all night simply chillin talkinBout what we going name our boy,24/7 hustlin the object to notBeing broke aobtain, let me obtain yaWhole pay check one time once ICouldn"t pay the rent, now look atYa baby benz with the lil tv andThe crazy rims, massive rocks on yaHand tell ya friends substantial daddyBrought them, now on the otha hand right here we go talkin bout whereThe fuck you been constantly in at the studio in one more time zone tryinTo to gain affluent, obtain you? Niggas madYou on my team cause they how you moveThem things, come home be a mama and also a wife a freak in the bedBaby, I"m trying to work why you gotta contact 100 times prefer you crazaDon"t play once the moment is best we have the right to go up in the air and go playWanna go play and also continue to be below andLove me everydayNow there"s a stranger in my home and my bed fucking up my lifeAnd bcheck out, playin mind games allIn my head, periodically I swear you wrost then the feds, you love a niggaThen hate a nigga then you loveAobtain this s***s confusin, in theStreets hittin licks I"m winnin come house fucking via you and I"mLosin, I"m bulit for drama butNot this sort been slid befor butNot this time, these years of viting this year hustlin you can"t be fucking up this grind, now you beenDoing to much campin, bumpin ya gumsAnd yapin and again in grown folkCompany and baby girl I simply can"tLet that occur, I been out hereSpitin ths blood fuckin with cutThroats to acquire this cake, however itSwear it seem favor the more I giveYa you try to take my heart and also myBack ya tryin break, I aint crazyI view the indicators, trying steal myLight and also my shine, you have to be outtaYo fucking mind, I just wanted toSpoil ya ass and also I guess I succeed,But now ya simply to fucking concede if this is love I don"tNeed it, you acting choose you thePimp and also I"m the hoe (hell no), manI swear the god if yo pussy wantThe bomb I would certainly have left a longTime earlier bitch!!!