In What Is True Of Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, And Lenin? They Abolished Labor Unions And Freedom Of The

The correct answer is: “They took advantage of the social conditions after WWI.”

Hitler took profit from the strong social disatisfaction that existed in Germany after the hard economic crisis the country had suffered which was intensified due to the monetary sanctions that the victorious powers of WWI had imposed on Germany. His nationalist and racist ideas convinced the citizens who were feeling very badly treated by other nations. Mussolini benefited from the disatisfaction that emerged due to the poor territorial benefits that Italy acquired in the Treaty of Versailles that ended WWI, even tough UK and France had promised them and that had triggered the participation of Italy in the conflict by their side. Therefore the message of Mussolini reached the Italian citizens when he promised to bring back glory for Italy, like in the times of the Roman Empire. Franco leaded a military upraising in 1936 against the democratically elected republican goverment that had been in office since 1931. When the uprising started he enjoyed an important support by large conservative and wealthy sectors of the Spanish population, that did not support the progressist measures that the left-wing republican goverment was introducing. Lenin leaded the sucessful Russian Revolution in 1917, that meant the end of the Tsarist government in the Russian Empire and implemented a socialist goverment and society instead. The Russian society had already been protesting intensively against the tsar before the revolution and such disatisfaction contributed to the victory of the popular Red Army against the imperial forces.

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B is correct, they took advantage of the social conditions after WWI.

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Ithink the one that is true of mussolini, hitler, franco, and lenin is : they brought all land under the control of the state all of them were dictator in their countries. back then, they held supreme powers over all land that exist in their countries hope this




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Which best describes the influence of the national revolutionary party on mexico after the revolution? ​


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