The pressure in the loop is obtained by summing up the forces developed by the 2 parallel wires in the loop.

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The force on the left side of the loop is provided by:


Force ~ above the ideal side that the loop:



A square loop the wire v side lengtha tote a current I1. The center of the loop is situated a distance d from an infinite wire transferring a present I2. The limitless wire and also loop room in the exact same plane; 2 sides that the square loop room parallel to the wire and also two are perpendicular as shown.


Part A.What is the magnitude, F, the the net force on the loop? refer the force in regards to I1, I2, a, d, and μ0.

Part B.The magnetic moment m→of a present loop is characterized as the vector who magnitude amounts to the area that the loop time the magnitude of the existing flowing in the (m = IA), and whose direction is perpendicular to the plane in which the existing flows. Discover the magnitude, F, the the force,F, of the pressure on the loop from component A in terms of the magnitude of that is magnetic moment. Express F in terms of m, I2, a, d, and also μ0.

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