Harry Potter: Top 10 Prefects In The Series, Ranked Percy Weasley, Ron, Hermione... Harry Potter had numerous prefects throughout the series. But who made it into the top ten?

Students in attendance at Hogwarts are generally reprimanded and guided by the professors and headmaster. However, the school also tasks certain students who show exemplary maturity and responsibility with assisting in those duties. These students are known as Prefects.

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Two students per house are chosen from the fifth-years annually. They remain Prefects until they graduate. Some Prefects may also be promoted to Head Boy or Head Girl if they prove themselves. We"re taking a look at some of the most notable Prefects from the series and ranking the best of the best.

Penelope was a Ravenclaw Prefect best known for being the long-time girlfriend of Percy Weasley. As far as Prefects go, she didn"t have a huge impact on the overall story importance but she was diligent.

She would have had to be a terse rule-follower to gain the admiration and affections of someone like Percy, who was an intense stickler for following every single rule at Hogwarts down to the letter. Penelope was also one of the Basilisk victims. It was her mirror that kept both she and Hermione from being killed.

9 Hannah Abbott

Hannah became a Hufflepuff House Prefect during her fifth year at Hogwarts alongside Ernie Macmillan. In the beginning of the series, Hannah was more of an adversary to Harry. Both she and Ernie believed Harry was the Slytherin heir in the second book and they also turned their backs on Harry during the Triwizard Tournament in the fourth book.

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But Hannah made up for her past bouts of disbelief by joining Dumbledore"s Army. Sadly, Hannah"s mother was murdered by Voldemort or one of his followers and she was taken out of school during her sixth year. That said, Hannah still returned to rejoin the DA and eventually assisted in the Battle at Hogwarts.

Ernie, like Hannah, was also one of the Prefects of Hufflepuff. Ernie got off on the wrong foot with Harry in the beginning. They were friendly at first but then when the attacks from the Chamber of Secrets began to happen, Ernie decided to believe the gossip and rumors swirling around about Harry"s true heritage.

He was also fiercely loyal to Cedric and felt Harry had conned his way into the Triwizard Tournament. He even wore a Potter Stinks badge. But in the fifth book, Ernie was one of the few people who believed Harry was telling the truth about Voldemort"s return. He proved himself to be a loyal and talented wizard by joining DA and fighting against the Dark Lord.

7 Remus Lupin

We all know Lupin as one of Harry"s many Defense Against the Dark Arts professors and one of James Potter"s oldest friends. He was also a member of the reformed Order of the Phoenix. Lupin became a Prefect during his fifth year at Hogwarts for the Gryffindor house.

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Dumbledore made the decision because he hoped Lupin, as the most studious and responsible member of his friend group, would be able to keep his troublemaking pals under control. Unfortunately, that didn"t really go according to plan. Lupin may have been a good student and an adequate Prefect but given his tendency to play along with James and Sirius"s mischevious plans, he wasn"t necessarily the best disciplinarian.

It may come as shock to see Lord Voldemort"s alias on this list but the truth of the matter is that Tom Riddle was an excellent student and role model during his time at Hogwarts. Judging solely by that, he was a good Prefect. That said, he was obviously extremely evil too.

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Even during his time at Hogwarts, he managed to wreak havoc by opening the Chamber of Secrets and digging into the dark truth of Horcruxes. Still, he was also awarded several trophies due to his notable achievements. Just on an academic level, he was presumably a great Prefect, all of his professors at the time thought so.

5 Bill Weasley

Harry says it himself in the second book upon his first meeting of Bill. He"s surprised that Bill is so "cool" given his legacy of success at Hogwarts. As an adult, Bill works with Gringotts and wizard banking, he has long hair and a pierced ear. Eventually, he also joins the Order of the Phoenix. But at Hogwarts, Bill was a Prefect and eventually made a Head Boy.

So he must have been doing something right. Based on that description, the reader and Harry presumed Bill would be more like Percy but he"s much more laidback. Sadly, Bill becomes a victim of Fenrir Greyback. While he doesn"t die, he does get severely disfigured and injured in the skirmish during the sixth book.

Sadly for Cedric, he doesn"t get to be a Prefect for very long. That said, Cedric was exceedingly handsome, smart, and talented. He offered Hufflepuff their first taste of glory. The entire house rallied around him as the Seeker on the Quidditch team and eventual captain.

It only made sense that Diggory would be chosen as Hogwarts competitor in the Triwizard Tournament. It stands to reason that Cedric would have gone on to become Head Boy but he was killed by Voldemort before that could come to fruition.

3 Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger was known by many as the brightest witch of her age. She was consistently at the top of her class, passed every test with flying colors, and was even entrusted with a Time-Turner due to her trustworthiness and studiousness. The fact she was elected Prefect came as no surprise to anyone.

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What did come as a surprise was Ron"s election to Prefect. Many believed that would have gone to Harry, but Dumbledore had his reasons. Hermione was one of the best Prefects in Hogwarts history given her attentiveness and adherence to the rules. Even though Hermione was known for breaking rules, and wizarding laws, when circumstances called for it.

Out of all the Weasley children, Percy Weasley was the one it made the most sense to be chosen as Prefect. He is obsessed with following the rules to the point that it has caused problems in his relationships. Namely, his family.

Eventually, Percy even chooses the Ministry of Magic and the potential of his career over standing by his parents, siblings, and Harry. He does come to his senses but before that, it was easy to see how far Percy had fallen due to his own foolhardy ambition. As a Prefect, and then Head Boy at Hogwarts, his rule-following creed was a good thing though. He was probably one of the most diligent and dutiful Prefects in the series.

1 Albus Dumbledore

While we know Albus Dumbledore as the headmaster of Hogwarts who had a huge role to play in Harry"s life, he was, at one point in time, a student himself at Hogwarts.

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Regardless of your feelings about Dumbledore and his morality, he was one of the most powerful wizards of all time and an extraordinarily bright and gifted student. It"s not at all surprising that he was elected to be Prefect during his fifth year. It would only be the first of his many achievements in life.

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