I am creating a book about mermaids and mermen, and also I have actually been calling them "merfolk" or simply "folk". Now I am second guessing whether a group of mermaids/men would be dubbed individual. Looking at the meaning of "people" particularly relating to human beings, I carry out not think merpeople or world is applicable.Additionally, what would certainly you speak to a team of mermaids and various other sea creatures together?I looked up miscellaneous names for groups of fish and also various other sea creatures (shoal, institution, pod, etc.) however am not convinced that would certainly be proper for mixed teams.

Any thoughts, suggestions, input would certainly be appreciated.Thanks all,Alycaria

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Fun question. Given that you"re currently in a fantasy space, I would certainly develop a word in their own language that implies "The People," as in many kind of indigenous languperiods. The language have to probably have a minimum of voiceless consonants, considering that they would certainly be challenging to perceive underwater! Try connecting through the folks that produce languperiods for kicks: http://www.conlang.org.


I think you have an chance to develop your own mass noun. Something choose a "swim of mermaids" or a "tress of mermaids" would sound nice.

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