Homemade sauerkraut is the simplest means to populate your gut through a range of nourishing probiotics for durable gut health and wellness and immune systems!


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The condition of your gut determines simply around everything…

At this allude most people understand that just about every little thing in the body counts on the status of your gut health and wellness. And that the condition of your gut wellness is tied to the form of flora (bacteria) dominating the region.

If the excellent bacteria reigns “king,” digestion is sound, the immune device works more effectively, and also the brain is clear.

When the negative bacteria is more prevalent, digestion is disrupted in a myriad of various means (YES we have to be pooping day-to-day – if you are not you are constipated. NO your poop shouldn’t be runny, it shouldn’t hurt to poop, and also indigestion, heartburn, and also tummy aches are not normal!), the immune system is totally off (ie gaining sick frequently, autoimmune illness, cancer, etc), and the brain is a foggy mess (the gut-brain link is tied to many brain/neurological disorders from depression and Alzheimer’s to ADHD, autism, and whatever in between.)

Infiltprice and also populate!

Traditionally fermented foodstuffs provide straightforward to absorb probiotics to our guts to usage for fight eextremely day. Whether you are mainly healthy and balanced or have a few health and wellness problems, fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut have the right to populate your gut through the bacteria it needs to sustain a durable immune device, healthy and balanced digestive device, and also sound mind.

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The easiest prep – let nature perform the work!

Sauerkraut prep is so simple, and yet what actually happens as the fermentation happens takes place is so exciting and also facility. Just a few teaspoons of sea salt sprinkled over shredded cabbage lends the the cabbage its own brine to ferment. Over the course of a couple of days to a week, the sauerkraut rises in advantageous digestive enzymes, vitamins C and also B, and a variety of strains of useful bacterial for the gut to flourish. It’s as simple (and as complex!) as that!

How to include sauerkraut to your meal plan

My favorite way to eat sauerkraut is as a brine-y, pickled bite to a sandwich wrap, burger, or a salad. Think of anypoint you like to include a salty, brined bite to! If you are eating sauerkraut in a medicinal method, such as if you are on the GAPS protocol, sometimes it’s just finest to eat a tablespoon or so before you eat your meal to get the digestive enzymes in your gut to aid you digest your meal – and to obtain it over via if you don’t specifically care for the taste. I need to admit, not prospering up on sauerkraut, it took me some time to gain used to. I ate it bereason I knew I necessary it, and over time I have grown to love it!

Ok, yet what around the kids?!

Let’s start with the little bit men first! If you have actually bit ones at house, say between the periods of 6 months to 1 year old, jump on it! You are at a really excellent home window of time to introduce new flavors and textures where baby is willing and also open – and hasn’t really learned or tested the word *no* yet