What happens in the garage continues to be in the garage SignFormaat : 31 x 24 cm (HxB)This "What Happens in the Garage" Tin Sign is the perfect way to boost the décor of any type of garage, workshop or male cave. More information

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This product will be shipped via our very own delivery service. Shipping prices will certainly be established after you placed your order. Deliexceptionally will be planned on a day matching our driver’s delivery course. That means we have the right to save prices as low as feasible. We will certainly call you for the exact delivery day and shipping prices. You can likewise pickup your order at our store in Scheveningen. We are open up 7 days a week.

This item can be shipped as letterbox short article.This implies the shipping expenses are reduced in comparison to package shipment. This is not an option if you integrate this product with larger items. Letterbox post has no "track & trace" option and it is not insured versus loss. Letterbox article is just obtainable for addresses in the Netherlands.

What happens in the garage remains in the garage SignFormaat : 31 x 24 cm (HxB)This "What Happens in the Garage" Tin Sign is the perfect way to improve the décor of any kind of garage, workshop or guy cave. More info


What happens in the garage stays in the garage SignFormaat : 31 x 24 cm (HxB)This "What Happens in the Garage" Tin Sign is the perfect means to enhance the décor of any kind of garage, workshop or man cave.

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