The Act

Signed in 1933, the Tennescheck out Valley Authority Act developed a public corporation “To enhance the navigcapability and also to administer for the flood regulate of the Tenneswatch River; to provide for reforeterminal and also the correct use of marginal lands in the Tennessee Valley; to administer for the agricultural and also commercial advancement of shelp valley...and also for other purposes.” Find Out even more around the Act.

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Living our History of Service Eincredibly Day’s original 1933 purpose—set forth in the Act—was to resolve the Valley"s a lot of important concerns in power, environmental stewardship and financial advance. Find Out around crucial moments in our history as we’ve tackled essential worries in the Tennescheck out Valley such as power manufacturing, flood manage and reforeterminal, and about how our mission of service lives on this particular day. Click on the dates below to gain a much more thounstable accountancy of"s background from decade to decade.


The 1930s

With the nation reeling from the Great Depression, President Roosevelt created his “New Deal” to assist America recoup. The Tennessee Valley Authority was started to assist the hard-hit Tennescheck out Valley, wbelow it was tasked via boosting the quality of life in the region.


The 1940s

Against the backdrop of World War II, introduced among the biggest hydropower building programs ever before undertaken in the USA.


The 1950s

Serving as the nation’s biggest electricity supplier, benefited from 1959 legislation that made our power device self-financing.


The 1960s

Accommodating extraordinary economic development, started structure nuclear plants to expand also our capacity and spur creation.


The 1970s–80s

A tough decade affected by climbing fuel costs resulted in innovative thinking about energy conservation. Working properly to soptimal a stable rise in power costs, we led the way for a long period of stable prices.

The 1990s

Through a period of restructuring, preserved wholesale electrical power affordable and also trustworthy while unveiling a new clean-air strategy.

The 2000s

With power demand also prospering, turned its attention earlier to clean nuclear power, returning an idled reactor to organization, and also paving the means to finish construction of another. We also released the first green power regime in the Southeast.

The 2010s

We continue to carry out our mission of serving the human being of the Tenneswatch Valley area, to make life much better via our job-related in energy, the atmosphere and financial breakthrough. Heritage

These comprehensive columns tell the story of with the human being and also events that shaped its history—and indeed life in the Tennesview Valley as we understand it this particular day. Read around the vision, disputes, personal and also political battles that made excellent.

For Kids & Teachers

Writing a institution report? Looking for STEM tasks or residence school projects? Want a kid"s see of Use these sources to learn around our background and also mission of organization.

Celebrating Dams


The Unified Growth of the Tennescheck out River plan stressed wregarding provide flood regulate, navigation and electrical power for the region.’s dams are tangible evidence of its major mission: enhancing life in the Tennessee Valley. We’re celebrating the setup through an in-depth look at 32 of the dams it comprises.

Bibliography of History

A detailed bibliography for those that desire to dig even more deeply into the affluent and also fascinating history of the Tenneswatch Valley Authority.

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Be a Citizen Archivist!

Want a glimpse of life in bygone Appalachia while helping genealogistsand other researchers? The National Archives and Records Administration demands volunteers to help transcribe its vast historic records, including those on family members influenced by the construction of dams. Find Out just how to join the effort.