Which/ What City Do You Live In ? And Which City Do You Live In?

In the following context, which of them is acceptable to the English native speakers?

1) Which city are you living?

2) What city are you living?


1) What city have you come from?

2) Which city have you come from?



Which implies a selection among a known set of options, for example:

We have chapter members here from New York City, San Diego, and Miami. Which city are you from?

If you don”t have any idea where the person comes from, what would be more common.

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Hi! I”m from Timbuktu. What city are you from?

The same rules apply to asking about the city someone lives in, but please note the change I made above (do you come from, not have you come from, unless you mean “I see you just got off an airplane! What city have you just come from?”). For “living”, you should say:

What/which city are you living in.

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Those sentences should be used with “which” to convey the meaning you are intending to express.

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In which city are you living? Rather formal

Which city are you living in? Conversational

From which city have you come from? Rather formal

Which city have you come from? Conversational

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