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A halter dress or top is a stylish and ideal way of making a statement at an outing. It’s a good way of showing off your shoulders without the risk of falling straps. But these clothes come with the challenge of revealing bra straps and hooks. What kind of bra do you wear underneath such outfits?

A regular bra is considered to be an item of underwear. While exploring the types of bras that you can wear with a halter outfit, the answer lies in looking for a bra that is not ordinary. There are many options. However, you have to strike a balance between support, coverage, and discretion. Below are some of the most practical choices. Find the one that suits you the best. Choose from:

Halter NeckStraplessHalter BraletteCriss-Cross or Strappy BackBandeau or Tube TopAdhesiveAdhesive Silicone CupsConvertible or Multiway

1. Halter Neck Bra

A halter bra is perhaps the best option for wearing under halter outfits. The two seem to be made for each other. Wearing a halter bra also ensures no pressure or coverage to the shoulders.

If your dress has a very low back, wearing a bra with hooks and eyes in the back may look ridiculous. In that case, opt for a halter sports bra.


2. Strapless Bra

A strapless bra is used not only for strapless outfits but also for the majority of halter necks. A lot of them are convertible and so will have detachable straps. For better support, choose a bra with a wider band.

Some strapless bras are high-neck in style. Therefore, be sure they can match your top or dress. If your dress has a deep-plunge neck, opt for another type of bra.

Strapless Bra

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Criss-cross bra

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5. Bandeau Bra or Tube Top

Bandeaus and tube tops are pullover garments that are made of stretchy material. They have no hooks although some have detachable straps. Because they have little shaping, they don’t offer much support.

These garments are designed to show underneath clothing. They can be worn under virtually any clothing. If you match a bandeau properly with your halter outfit, it can be fun, comfy and exciting.

6. Adhesive Bra

Adhesive bras are made to stick-on to your body to offer you some coverage and some bit of support. They may not be perfect for women with a big bust. But they are perfect for keeping out of sight.

For halter outfits, choose a bra with sticky cups and not wings as these will be visible under the armpits. If your dress has a plunging front, you can use adhesive cups or an adhesive bra with the clasp open.

The front hook can help you show some cleavage. If adhesive bras do not support you enough, choose one with a detachable halterneck strap.

7. Adhesive Silicone Cups

These reusable sticky cups are hardly visible under filmy clothes. They are a great option if your halter dress or top is made of thin material. The outcome is smooth look.

If your dress is low back and deep front plunge, adhesive cups may be your best choice. Another advantage is you don’t feel like you are wearing a bra at all unless you fit the cups badly.

8. Convertible or Multiway Bra

Convertible bras come with exchangeable straps that enable you to switch among ordinary, T-back, strapless, criss-cross and halter neck. If you have a small bust, you can remove the straps and use the bra as a strapless. For busty women, a halter style will enable you to get good breast support.

Some of these bras have more strap options than others. Before buying, be careful to check whether the bra will cater to your needs. If you feel that no strap arrangement suits your outfit, you can buy clear replacement straps.

More Tips for Full Coverage

If your dress is likely to slip and show your bra or straps, consider using fashion glue. The two-sided fashion tape is also a good idea.

Use pasties or medical tape if you want to go braless. You can also choose an outfit with built-in support. These clothes are custom-shaped, lined, and form-fitting around the bust area.

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Choose the Best Style for Your Needs

There are numerous bras to wear with halter-neck outfits. There isn’t a single one that is perfect for everybody. It’s your decision to pick the one type of bra that best appeals to you.