Answer professional Verified The two things that Lee hoped to achieve invading the North to be to to convince England to ago the South and to certain badly needed war supplies and also D) attack and defeat Washington. Basic Robert E. Lee commanded that Confederated troops to invade the phibìc in June 1863.

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What to be Lee’s purposes in the invasion of the north in 1862?

Following his win in the north Virginia campaign, Lee relocated north with 55,000 men through the Shenandoah Valley beginning on September 4, 1862. His objective was to resupply his military outside the the war-torn Virginia theater and also to damages Northern moral in anticipation of the November elections.

What does Robert E Lee hope to attain by win a major battle in the North?

In addition to happen the problem out the Virginia and also diverting north troops indigenous Vicksburg, wherein the Confederates to be under siege, Lee hope to acquire recognition that the Confederacy through Britain and France and strengthen the cause of north “Copperheads” that favored peace.

What go Robert E Lee accomplish?

Robert E. Lee to be a Confederate general who led the South’s attempt at secession during the civil War. He tested Union forces during the war’s bloodiest battles, consisting of Antietam and also Gettysburg, prior to surrendering to Union general Ulysses S.

Why Robert E Lee is a hero?

After his death in 1870, Lee came to be a cultural icon in the South and also is mainly hailed as one of the civil War’s greatest generals. Together commander that the army of northern Virginia, he dealt with most of his battles against armies of significantly larger size and also managed to win plenty of of them.

Why to be Robert E Lee therefore successful?

Although turned back at Antietam, Lee had crafted an overall success that drove major Union pressures from Virginia, increased Confederate civilian morale, sent out tremors v the North, and laid the foundation for a powerful bond in between himself and also his soldiers.

Who was the biggest Civil battle general?

Robert E Lee

How were Lee and Grant difference?

Lee to be born into a prominent family and also was already a famous military figure at the begin of the war, while grant was an unknown who increased up with the ranks and also became known as a an excellent general through his recurring victories. Lee was a timeless soldier who had actually a gift because that leadership and also was an ideas for his …

Why did give treat Lee with respect?

General approve treat basic Lee v such respect at the finish of the war because, top top the one hand, Lee (who had had a brilliant army career), had been able to recognize that it to be not feasible to proceed fighting, that the moment had come to capitulate, and, on the various other hand, because what guided Grant’s and …

Did US give attend West Point?

Grant i graduated from the joined States armed forces Academy in ~ West point and gotten in the “real world” together an officer in the United claims Army.

What President checked out West Point?

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Why did Grant get demerits at West Point?

Grant, yet the congressman who appointed provide to West point mistakenly tampered with the name also further, submitting the nomination together Ulysses S. During his time as a cadet, give also collected his fair share the demerits because that slovenly dress, tardiness, and unsoldierly bearing.

How did united state Grant acquire into West Point?

Shy and reserved, he took after his mother rather than his outgoing father. He hated the idea of working in his father’s tannery business—a truth that his dad begrudgingly acknowledged. When give was 17, his father arranged because that him to get in the united States armed forces Academy at West Point.

How countless generals went to West Point?


What Civil battle generals went to West Point?

A look at at few of the significant U.S. Military Academy graduates that played key roles in the civil War:

Leonidas Polk, class of 1827. Jefferson Davis, Clas that 1828. Robert E. George G. John Sedgwick, course of 1837. William Tecumseh Sherman, course of 1840. Ulysses S. Cutting board J. “

How plenty of West suggest graduates dealt with for the Confederacy?

The unified States military Academy 294 combated for the Union, and 151 because that the Confederacy. Of graduates that were still alive at the start of the war, 105 to be killed and also 151 were wounded – 25% that the total. A West point graduate commanded one or both armies in every one of the 60 significant battles that the war.

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Who gave the commencement resolve at West suggest in 1964?

President john F. Kennedy

How plenty of West suggest graduates died in the civil War?

95 graduates

How countless West allude graduates died in Iraq?

100 West Pointers

Is West point Ivy League?

West suggest is among the many competitive schools to acquire admission. It is just below the Ivy organization in reputation/ranking. Admission is difficult due to demands such together nomination/endorsement by member the congress/ vice President.It is ranked #19 among Top national Liberal arts Schools.