What Are The Arm Bands That Football Players Wear Bicep Bands?

Football players have utilized wristbands and armbands for years to wipe sweat from their faces as they play. However, the bands are no longer just confined to the wrist. Some bands are worn right up to the elbow, and you can see some even on the bicep of players. Read on to learn more about football wristbands and armbands.


Blue Wristbands


Black Wristbands


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White Wristbands

Just A Fashion Statement?

Some players wear wristbands and armbands for no other reason than to make a fashion statement. Some of the player’s bands are handmade from a


sock or piece of stretchy material. Other bands are purchased especially for the bicep. Some players even use tape to make sure their biceps are nicely enhanced. New York Giant’s linebacker, Danny Clark, said wearing a band in that spot made his arms look better. He said they accentuate his muscles, and that he thinks it’s a ‘cool’ look. In fact, some players who wear their bands in the original way are considered to be going ‘old school’. This is why most players no longer wear them the traditional way. While wearing the bands in this spot is primarily a fashion statement, there are psychological benefits too. Some players think that the feeling of big biceps and triceps help their game, and can intimidate other players. Most sportsmen know how important mindset is to a game. This is why many players have adopted the look in recent years.

This trend started around 2008. In some cases, you’ll find wristbands and armbands sporting logos. This is to encourage spectators to purchase certain brands. Companies are jumping on the bandwagon and using them as a way to promote their products. Nike and the NFL are two big brands who have done this. Just beware that in some cases, you may be restricted from wearing bands with logos to stop marketing and advertising.

In the NFL, you are permitted to wear bands showing only the NFL logo. There was also a rule stating that bands should be worn only around the wrist, but players and fans didn’t like this rule. Because of this, the rule was never properly implemented.

Bands And Sweat Absorption

While many players are simply making a fashion statement, there are certain benefits to wearing one of these bands. Sweat absorption is a huge one. Some players will find that sweat gets in their eyes as they play. Wearing wristbands and armbands can quickly wick this away and get them back to performing at their best.

Can Armbands Help To Prevent Injuries?

Some players believed that armbands helped to prevent injuries in some way. There were claims that they could help tendinitis and different muscle injuries. However, these claims have been labeled as myths over time. That being said, the placebo effect is very real, and it could play a part in preventing injuries.

Wearing Wristbands And Armbands For Special Occasions

Wristbands and armbands can also be used to mark special occasions.

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Many players are encouraged to wear pink wrist and armbands in order to mark Breast Cancer Awareness month. There may be other special causes and occasions that players would like to commemorate.

Do The Armbands Have Negative Effects?

One thing many people wonder, is whether the armbands have negative effects. If the main positive effects is purely psychological, can they have a negative effects on the health of players? Luckily, nothing like this has been proven. It should be totally safe for players to continue wearing their armbands.

Football Wristbands

The football wristbands can seem complicated to some. What exactly do the pieces of card inside say? The truth is, if you were to read one, you’d be unlikely to understand it properly at all. It’s usually coded, and only makes sense to the player who is wearing it. The words will include game day words, plays, signals, and other jargon. Wristbands basically help a player to communicate a play as quickly as they can. This is why it must be coded, so that other players aren’t able to work out the team’s play. It isn’t unusual for a wristband to be stolen or lost. One player described how during a game, his wristband came off. Rather than going for the ball as usual, players were trying every trick they could to get hold of his wristband. This makes it even more important for wristbands to be coded, and of a high quality. That being said, you can’t always stop other teams from working out your plays, especially if you use the same code words again and again. Some professional games have been turned around in the other team’s favor due to teams using the same plays.

These wristbands have proven to be very useful, and entire teams wear them in many cases. You may have heard of David Carr, a famous footballer. When he was playing football in fifth grade, he had trouble remembering different plays. This gave his coach an idea. He simply wrote out the plays by hand and then sellotaped a piece of cardboard to Carr’s little wrist. This made for a very sweaty, inky, uncomfortable wrist. These days, no player has this problem. The wristband is often a quarterback’s most valuable weapon during a game.


For the first 5 years of his career in the NFL, Eli Manning used a wristband. However, when more freedom was given to him later on, he gradually phased it out. He managed to memorize his plays, and prides himself on his ability to call them up at will. Nobody on the team really minds this, though, through fear of his wristband being stolen. This is one of the most worrying things that can happen to a player!Usually, a player wearing a wristband won’t even think about it. That is, until the moment he needs it. Then all players will tell you how happy they are to have one. These wristbands can help to save time and make quick decisions when it comes to a game. With the amount of players who use them, the benefits are clear!


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