Warframe has plenty of tools to pick from, and also these second weapons space perfect for pairing with the bigger guns!

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Warframe Athodai Featured
Warframe is no stranger to distinctive weapons, varying from plasma shotguns to fully automatic explosive assault rifles. One group of weapons most forget come mention, however, is an additional weapons.

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Most second weapons come with more powerful mods 보다 their main counterparts, potentially making them stronger than primaries once modded correctly. As with melee tools or primaries, secondaries have the right to come with interesting mechanics to collection them except the rest. Some also let players add custom effects to them, such as obtaining power stamin on a death or acquiring infinite ammo. Below are 15 the the strongest an additional weapons players deserve to use in Warframe.

Updated July 27th, 2021, by Charles Burgar: Warframe's weapon meta has shifted v the sisters of Parvos update. Galvanized Mods and Weapon Arcanes have actually given method to a new meta of primaries and also secondaries, several of which haven't seen usage in years. We've updated this overview to cover more recent weapon additions and a couple of secondaries that saw some substantial buffs v Update 30.5's additions.

Warframe Tenet Spirex
If any second in Warframe is worthy that being referred to as a hand cannon, it's the Tenet Spirex. This second fires explosive projectiles that transaction innate heat damage. Terrific base damage, vital stats, and very high status chance enable this weapon to stand with other an additional giants.

What really renders this weapon mite is the Hemorrhage mod. Every shot from the Tenet Spirex uses an impact proc, and also thanks come the gun's 2.33 fire rate, it has a 70% chance to use a terrible Slash proc with every shot. If the adversary somehow survives a shot to the face, they'll easily bleed come death. Not plenty of secondaries deserve to do the same.

Warframe Athodai Pistol/Hand Cannon
dealing mostly warmth damage, the Athodai is Warframe's version of a powerful hand cannon. This weapon is anything but a hand cannon, however, at the very least in terms of functionality.

do no mistake, the Athodia package a punch. Every shot has a 32% base vital chance and also the gun transaction 70 damages unmodded, but the weapon i do not care a full-auto killing an equipment if that achieves a headshot kill. Headshot kills will grant this weapon limitless ammo and also increased fire rate. The Athodai is effectively a full-auto Knell.

Warframe Aksomati and Baza Prime tools from Ivara prime access.
Bullet-hose secondaries can't obtain much better than the Aksomati Prime. The base damage of 20 is deceptively low. Once players aspect in the weapon's 24% vital chance and 3x an essential damage multiplier, it's basic to see why this weapon is so frequently used. A good an essential build will certainly shred almost all targets. Status is additionally high sufficient of this weapon to reliably proc the likes the Viral and Heat, make this weapon's lethality all the deadlier.

Warframe Tenet Detron
If you're a die-hard Detron user, don't allow the Tenet Detron's stats stupid you. The weapon appears to it is in a minor upgrade to the Mara Detron at very first glance, yet this doesn't take into consideration a couple of things:

The Tenet Detron has an additional elemental damage type. that fires 10 projectiles instead of 7. It deserve to empty its entire magazine in a 2nd through that is alt-fire. The Tenet variant's critical stats are an excellent enough come warrant do a hybrid build.

These renovations make the Tenet Detron among the finest secondaries in Warframe, specifically for priming problem Overload weapons. A Galvanized shoot Mod, when paired with a standing build, results in a massive boost to your damage output. Very couple of enemies will survive just a couple of shots the this weapon, permit alone the gun's alt-fire.

The Pyrana prime is arguably one of the strongest guns in the game. It could have a lackluster status possibility of 3.6%, yet the gun's raw damage output is therefore high the it deserve to brute-force v most forms of damage resistance. Excellent base damages and an important stats do the Pyrana element a good workhorse weapon, further enhanced if you gain a triple kill. After you land three rapid kills, you acquire an ethereal Pyrana in your other hand because that a few seconds, doubling her magazine and fire rate. Clearing hordes of adversaries becomes trivial once the Pyrana element is in that dual-wield state.

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v that said, this gun's absence of status effects does pains its viability in steel Path. So long as you carry an armor-stripping Warframe, this gun is nothing short of S-tier.

have to players need a solid an additional shotgun that deserve to both inflict standing effects and also deal vital hits, the Kuva Brakk is the best option available. High base damages at 130 per shot and also a 29% crucial chance is nothing come scoff at. One 11.1% status opportunity also permits this weapon to apply Viral, Corrosive, or virtually any kind of status ailment v ease once using a hybrid build. It likewise comes with an implicit elemental damages type, as the Kuva Brakk is a Kuva Lich weapon. It is in warned: this weapon has actually horrendous damage falloff. Make sure you have a Weapon Exilus Adapter and also the Lethal inert Mod prior to you consider farming because that this gun.

Sporelacer Kitguns are created by combining a Sporelacer barrel v a an additional grip and magazine. This Kitguns unleash a volley of spore sacs that explode, dealing a huge amount that Toxin damages to anyone captured inside the blast radius.

due to the fact that these weapons deserve to be fired quite quickly, the Sporelacer excels together an add-clearing weapon in tight corridors. A few shots indigenous this gun are enough to kill opponents in high-level content and also even steel Path. Those exhausted of the Kuva Nukor or much more precise secondaries need to craft a Sporelacer second as quickly as possible.

numerous Kuva Nukor fans to be looking front to the Tenet Cycron, the Corpus' take it on the famous Kuva Nukor secondary. Both role similarly: they fire a beam that applies status effects and also chains in between targets. What makes the Cycron various is its greater status chance, battery-charged magazine, and innate heat damage.

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Is that sufficient to do the Tenet Cycron far better than the Kuva Nukor? No. The Kuva Nukor's absurd 5x an essential multiplier and also innate Radiation damage make that far better suited for slaying targets in steel Path. The Tenet Cycron is a contempt worse variation of the Nukor, sacrificing potential damage output for an ext frequent status procs.

Don't allow the comparison dishearten you. The Tenet Cycron is tho a beast that a sidearm, using hundreds of status procs in the blink of an eye. Crowds will battle to survive against hundreds of heat procs and the gun's an excellent base damage. It can not height the Nukor, yet the Tenet Cycron manages come carve that own location in Warframe's secondary meta.

carry out you love weapons that deal millions of damages a shot? execute you love weapons that have big AoE explosions? If you stated "yes" to either of those questions, you need to develop the Epitaph immediately. It's the only second in Warframe the is arguably a sidegrade come the Kuva Nukor.

Sevagoth's signature arm-mounted crossbow releases massive AoE blasts that constantly inflict Cold as soon as uncharged. You can use this setting to use quite a few status procs come crowds, weakening castle for her charged shot. The Epitaph's fee bolts deal cataclysmic damage, featuring impressive base damage and great crucial stats. Direct shots constantly proc Impact, offering each shot a 70% possibility at applying Slash if you're making use of the Hemmorhage Mod. Simply put, there aren't plenty of enemies in Warframe that will make it through a single charged shot native this weapon.

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after players started obtaining the Kuva Nukor indigenous Kuva Liches, it ended up being clear i m sorry weapon was going to dominate the meta until more notice.

The Kuva Nukor is a potent mix that the Atomos and also the Synapse. This weapon chain its damage between targets whenever the makes contact with one enemy, a mechanic that immediately makes it one of the strongest firearms in the game. What renders the total truly powerful is the 50% base status opportunity it has. Modding for status chance allows this weapon to inflict hundreds of heat or Gas procs top top a target in a few seconds. It additionally has the highest crucial damage multiplier in the game at 5x damage. Attain sources of additive critical chance such together Harrow or Arcane Avenger to revolve this already good weapon into the strongest gun in Warframe history.

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