There to be nothing favor watching CMT in the "90s. You can flip on the channel and also seeAlan Jackson water skiing in cowboy boots,Reba McEntireplotting revengeor Trisha Yearwood singing around young love in a small town. Oh, and you to be bound to learn some valuable life lessons indigenous Shania Twain or learn to line dance from Brooks & Dunn. These space things I"ve carried with me transparent my life.

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Maybe I"m biased because I prospered up in the "90s and also was practically raised by country Music Television, yet I still think it was the best era for nation music videos. And, in mine opinion, it doesn"t get much better -- or an ext "90s -- thanVince Gill"s "Don"t Let ours Love start Slippin" Away." The video, a mainstay ~ above both CMT and TNN (The Nashville Network), didn"t must rely ~ above a big-budget production -- simply a warehouse full of "90s fashion, a star-studded actors of nation legends and Vince Gill looking incredibly cool. Every time ns watch this video, it"s nostalgia overload and also I"m transported ago to thehalcyon days of large hair, fringe jackets and women gift played on country radio.

The video, command by john Lloyd Miller, functions a who"s who of "90s nation stars, consisting of Patty Loveless, Pam Tillis, Kelly Willis, Kevin Welch, Lee Roy Parnell, Fred Young the the Kentucky Headhunters and also Reba McEntire, who, in a function similar come her video for "Is there Life out There," portrays a waitress. (Of course, this isn"t the last time McEntire and Gill would share the screen. They also teamed up for the video for your 1992 duet"The heart Won"t Lie.")

The standard clip also featuresLittle Jimmy Dickens,Michael McDonald, Leon Russell, Carl Perkins and Delbert McClinton.

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"Don"t Let our Love begin Slippin" Away," written by Gill and also Pete Wasner, struggle No. 1 in 1992. The tune was recorded forGill"s1992 breakthrough albumI Still believe in You,which featured "Tryin" to acquire Over You," "One an ext Last Chance," "No Future in the Past" andthe title track.

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The song, an impossibly attractive tune around a pair determined to do it work, furthered Gill"s rise to country superstardom. In 1993, Gill won the CMA award for masculine Vocalist that the Year, Album the the Year, song of the Year and Entertainer of the Year.

"Don"t Let our Love start Slippin" Away" Lyrics:

We"ve to be upAll night longTrying to settle a problemHell it"s virtually dawnAin"t no time for sleepin"If our love is wearin" thin"Cause ns ain"t givin" upAnd you ain"t givin" in
Don"t let our love begin slippin"Love start slippin" away"Cause the life we"ve been livin"Gets harder everydayDon"t let our love begin slippin"Love begin slippin" away
A wounded loveWalks a actual thin lineAnd no communicationWill kill it every timeSo open up her heartBaby we have the right to work the out"Cause we"ve acquired the sort of lovePeople dream about
Don"t let our love start slippin"Love start slippin" away"Cause the life we"ve been livin"Gets more difficult everydayDon"t let our love start slippin"Love start slippin" away