DISCLAIMER: These are not clinical grade masks and are only supposed to be worn as decoration over medical-grade masks.

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Double Brush PolyesterDrawstring dimension and also shade may differMask dimension is in between 6"-7" in H x 8-10" WHand wash coldHang dryString does not go about the ears. It goes approximately the head.There is no pocket for filters.

MASKS ARE FINAL SALE. Mask Pre-Order Production takes up to 14 business days.


NOTA: Estas mascaras no child de grado médico. Solamente boy para uso decorativo encima de las máscaras de graexecute médico.


poliéster de doble cepilloel tamaño y shade de la cuerda puede diferir el tamaño de la mascara es entre 6"-7" de altura por 8"-10" de ancholavarlo en mano con agua friacolgar para secarLas tiras no van alrededor de las orejas. Se colocan por atras de la cabeza.


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Mirian S.
love the material
Zarai E.
Being Cuban, Vicks Vapor Rub is Life! So I had to obtain this mask! Super soft and also comfortable.
Julián D.
Worked for every little thing as a boy,Works now
Alejandra H.
It’s super cute and my sister loves it.
Yazmin M.
Nice quality
Nicole D.
Now I surely won"t gain Covid thanks to my Vick"s mask! (: love that this timeless Abuelita"s recipe for resolving everything was put on a mask. It"s comfortable and also breathable too!
Chelsey V.
I was so excited to see how conveniently it came! Once i got it it covers your challenge well and it’s excellent and comfortable is excellent to wear during these times!
Yusi B.
I use this one every day for work. I can’t foracquire it bereason it’s constantly on my neck lol
Erika H.
Love the fit.. love the print
Monica R.
Great item
Jessica L.
Love the convenience of being able to lower the mask dvery own and also having it conveniently accessible roughly my neck. And not having actually a piece of cloth hanging from my ear once I require a quick breather or having to place it dvery own where it have the right to get contaminated .
Bianca B.
The mask arrived a lot previously than intended, the material is soft and also comfortable, the straps are super stretchy and can be changed sindicate by tying a knot. Very pleased and also will certainly shopping even more masks from Martha of Miami soon!
Jessica R.
It’s so soft and also fits so well! I prefer that it goes around the head and also not the ears, it provides wearing a mask for a lengthy time a lot even more comfortable.
Sasha M.
Love it. Great to cover my surgical masks super soft product and love the vivaporú design
Jenny V.
Very comfy!
Elsa R G.
Love the fit, this one"s for hubby that remembers getting many "vaporu" as a kid!
Elizabeth L.
Excellent product! Stylish provided the current times. Cute for anyone from Miami
Marisol G.
The mask is extremely comfortable it doesn"t bother my ears. Is breathable yet good material. I reccomfinish it and I will certainly be purchasing even more from martha.
Gregory T.
If I have to wear a mask till GodKnows as soon as it can as well look excellent and also make civilization smile
Beneranda M.
Omg I love my mask super soft and also super cute❤️Planning on ordering more
Teresita R.
These masks are beneficial and funny during these trying times! Thanks!
Yenire M.
It’s so soft and comfortable to use, it’s a soft material, basic strings, and also doesn’t make your face hot.
Amy S.
I was trying to find a "vicks" face mask almost everywhere the internet through no luck. Finally observed an ad for Martha of Miami and had to order it appropriate away. It"s so soft, breathable and also a great price.
Sara M.
Love it
Martica A.
Amazing....soft towel & great fit!
Maria M.
Love their products!!
Anna S.
Loving my Vaporub mask! It’s so soft and also comfy! And of course Vaporub cures everything!!
Ana H.
Ana P.
Maria P.
It came faster than intended, the products are super soft and also comfortable. Very pleased through the purchase!
Stephanie L.

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I obtained this for my kid. He is a nurse and also he resides in California. As a child he always provided vicks to sleep. This is a awesome mask for him. Thank you






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