Update : Verizon is releasing a new upday in the create of the April protection patch to the Note 4. The upday which is established as N910VVRS2CQD1, additionally brings performance improvements and encounters a few bugs too. To acquire this update you will need to be on the present variation which is N910VVRU2CQC1. Downpack the upday over WiFi so as not to incur extra data charges.

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Update : AT&T is founding to roll out the April protection patch to the Keep in mind 4. Arriving as develop N910AUCS2EQD1, the Marshmpermit based update is sized at 28MB and also also contains minor performance tweaks and mechanism improvements. Before downloading the upday, ensure that your information has been backed up and that you have actually enough charge on your device.

Update : The April security patch is making its means to the Keep in mind 4. Arriving as build N910GDTU1DQD2, the update secures your tool from all the latest viroffers and recognized defense threats out tbelow. It likewise includes a couple of under the hood performance boosts which enables an extra secure user endure.

Furthermore, the update increases your tool and also provides it run much faster. In addition to that, the missing message recognition function for S Pen smart choose is ago and battery now shows “continuing to be charging time” in the battery setting. Also, S Pen currently reflects last detached date and time. And as soon as you open the Documents Manager, you will certainly notification tbelow has actually been a slight style adjust. Last however not the leastern, a brand-new “help” food selection has actually been added in the gadget settings. Earlier, the user hands-on choice was obtainable under widgets, however now you uncover it in the “help” also.

Update : Arriving as software program version N910TUBS2DQC3, this new update installs the March defense patch on the Keep in mind 4 from T-Mobile. In enhancement to using the defense patch, the update additionally ensures that your smartphone runs smoothly by ironing out bugs and resolving various other concerns. System optimizations and other small performance tweaks are also included through this construct.

Update : Verizon is beginning to press out the latest protection patch to the Keep in mind 4. The update coming in as variation N910VVRS2CQB2, is being released over the air as we speak. It have to install the April defense patch, however there’s a possibility this can be the March security patch as well as Verizon hasn’t sassist anypoint in certain in their update logs. The update likewise consists of additional removal of bugs and minor performance upqualities also.

Update : The Galaxy Keep in mind 4 is now receiving its March defense patch from AT&T. The update is rolling out over the air as version N910AUCS2EPK5. This develop enhances performance and additionally addresses assorted bugs found in the previous build.

Update : Sprint is currently rolling out a pretty heft update to the Keep in mind 4, sized at about 332MB. The latest build is being pumelted out over the air and is Android 6.0.1 Marshmenable based. The update going by software version N910PVPS4DQC1, installs the March protection patch and likewise includes a pair of various other fixes and also tweaks.

Update : Samsung is presently seeding out the March defense patch to the Galaxy Keep in mind 4 (SM-N910F). The upday going by construct number N910FXXS1DQC3, installs the latest security patch and also thereby takes cares of vulnerabilities within the device. The develop additionally carries with it bug fixes and stability improvements as well.  

Upday : AT&T Galaxy Keep in mind 4 is currently receiving a minor OTA update via January protection patch. The update is 45.5MB in size and also comes via firmware build N910AUCS2EPK3.

Update : AT&T is rolling out an OTA upday via December security patch for its Galaxy Keep in mind 4 variant. The upday is based upon Android 6.0.1 Marshmenable and also carries firmware construct number N910AUCS2EPK2. Update dimension is 28.3MB.


Update : Verizon has started rolling out the a brand-new upday that brings the December defense patch to the gadget, and also it comes as software version N910VVRS2CPL1. Tbelow is nopoint else component of the upday, no fixes or nothing. The Keep in mind 4 currently runs on Marshmenable, and tright here is no opportunity of Samsung readying the Android Nougat update for the tool.


Upday : T-Mobile has actually released a brand-new software update in quick succession. The first one was build N910TUVS2EPK2 which brought the November patch to the tool, while the second one is N910TUBS2DPL2, which install the December patch on the device.

Both PK2 and also PL2 updates are accessible as an OTA, though if you haven’t gained any one currently, it’d be PK2 that shows up initially on your T-Mobile Note 4 as an OTA. Both builds are based on Android 6.0.1, BTW, while the Android 7.0 Nougat update continues to be unavailable from Samsung, as expected, given the Keep in mind 4’s age. T-Mobile is yet to come up with a full changelog for the update BTW.

Update : Verizon as well has released the November patch carrying security upday for its Samsung Galaxy Keep in mind 4, and it comes as build N910VVRU2CPJ2. The PJ2 build is all about security patch, and also doesn’t bring anypoint else to the tool, which is already even more than two years old, and also has actually only few more update left. There won’t be anything Nougat for the Note 4, which likewise suggests that Samsung has to work-related on Nougat build for just one Keep in mind tool now, the Galaxy Note 5, as Keep in mind 7 is now discontinued, while Keep in mind 6 was skipped.

Update : Sprint is ago with an additional update for its Keep in mind 4, this time through build N910PVPS4DPK1. The PK1 updays packs in at 341MB of size, and brings you November patch, among various other bug fixes and security enhancements. A firmware isn’t easily accessible for download yet, BTW, while the upday is already hitting users as an OTA.

Update : Sprint has actually additionally began roll out of a new upday ending through develop no. PJ1, and also it packs in what we were expecting it to: October patch, part of monthly security update by Google. The upday is sized about 371 MB, which is rather significant for a protection patch carrier update. We’ll dig even more right into it to discover out what else is part of the update for the device that won’t receive Android 7.0 or 7.1 Nougat update, yet till then, here’s the full construct no. you might be looking for, N910PVPS4DPJ1.

Update : A brand-new OTA transferring the develop no. N910TUVU2EPJ2 or N910T3UVU3EPJ2 is now under rollout at T-Mobile for the Note 4 customers, that brings the October patch to the gadget. Nothing else is part of the PJ2 upday, in situation you were wondering.


Update : A new upday construct ending via PG2 is easily accessible for Verizon Keep in mind 4 users, that brings the latest security patch to the gadget. It have to be October patch, yet it might rotate out to be September patch too: we don’t have a confirmation with us for the moment being. Anymethod, the complete version of the upday is N910VVRU2CPG2, and it’s available as an OTA currently.

Update : T-Mobile is pushing out a new build for its Keep in mind 4 faithfuls, coming in as software program version N910TUVS2EPG2 (or N910T3UVS2EPG2). The PG2 update is just around Android protection patches, and also even that isn’t the latest one, as its level is July 2016. But we’d say it’s still fair of Samsung and T-Mobile to press out a defense when the device is over two years old currently. Right?

Update : This could be last huge update for the Sprint Galaxy note 4 considering exactly how old the device is currently, and also it comes as develop N910PVPU4DPH4. We don’t have actually the complete changelog from Sprint yet, yet it’s being said that the PH4 update is bringing in protection patches leading up to September, which is good of Sprint and Samsung. Size of the PH4 upday runs about 450 MB.

Recently, AT&T additionally pumelted an upday to its Keep in mind 4 sets, with software application variation being N910AUCU2EPH5. The update lugged the Marshmpermit update to the device, together with some other nifty additions: Video calling, Cutting edge messaging and also Wi-Fi calling.

Well, the Note 4 was one solid gadget that made the Note series pretty cooler than it currently was. Specs-wise, Note 4 still remains solid sufficient to run Android 7.0 Nougat update, but it won’t at leastern officially.

Let’s break it down in details regarding why there will certainly be no main Android 7.0 upday for the Note 4, and exactly how it deserve to still make it to Nougat.

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That said, we suppose the Samsung Nougat upday to come for Galaxy S7 initially (Sept-Oct 2016), complied with by Keep in mind 7, Galaxy S6 and also S6 Edge, and also Note 5 — via A-series and also J-series sets gaining their hands on the upday too sooner or later in Q1 and also Q3 2017.