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Today in this post I will share, vampire the masquerade 5th edition pdf free download with google drive. Vampire: The Masquerade is a pen & paper role-playing game by the White Wolf publishing house. The game was designed by game designer Mark Rein Hagen.

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The game world of Vampire: The masquerade is set in an alternative present and, despite the similarities (vampires and cities), was created independently of the Chronicle of the Vampires. It is part of the so-called World of Darkness (German “Welt der Dunkelheit”). Offshoot systems have also been produced that include the game in other eras, the best known of which is vampires from the Old World. The American publisher Activision published a total of two computer role-playing games, Redemption (2000) and Bloodlines (2004). The game”s background world also served as the basis for the television series Embraced – Clan of Vampires, which was produced by Aaron Spelling.

Vampire the masquerade 5th edition PDF

Vampire the masquerade 5th edition pdf free download link.

Vampires: The masquerade describes itself as a “narrative role play” and “game about personal horror”. The main focus should be on an interesting story and the creation of a dark atmosphere. The characters are mostly vampires in the sense of the game themselves. Players grapple with their dark instincts and observe the moral decay and the process of how a normal person becomes a monster. In addition to vampires, their human servants and allies can also be played, but in any case all characters are integrated into the vampiric society. There are also LARP groups in many larger cities that play this game.

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Background of Vampires: The Masquerade

In Vampires: The Masquerade, ancient vampires rule civilization from unseen and struggle for supremacy in a power struggle that has been going on for thousands of years. Humans are just as much her puppets as younger vampires.The western vampires attribute their existence to Cain, the first murderer, and therefore also refer to themselves as “Cain children” or “Cainites” (not to be confused with the sect of the Cainites). Vampirism is therefore the mark of Cain imposed by God as punishment. In Africa there is a group of vampires called Laibon. They have a different culture and different traditions, but are related to the Kain children. In the Asian region there are completely different vampires who call themselves Kuei-jin and differ in many ways from the Cainites and also kill them; Both are not the focus of the game.Cainites are walking corpses. They don”t have a heartbeat, they don”t age, and they stop eating. Only the blood in their veins, the so-called vitae, animates the dead body. Since the vitae is used up over time, a vampire has to drink blood regularly in order not to fall into a state of rigidity. As in most versions of the vampire myth, kainites are burned by sunlight, but they usually have a mirror image and cannot fly. Silver and garlic also have no significant effect on most vampires. The stake through the heart is very dangerous for the vampire, even if he does not kill him, but only paralyzes him.Humans become vampires by being created through what is known as the “kiss”. To do this, a vampire must first remove all of his blood from a person. Then the vampire lets the human drink something of the vampire”s blood shortly before he dies; the popular bite – or the three bites on three different nights – are not enough. The vampire blood becomes weaker from generation to generation. While the second and third generations (after Cain) are still described as beings with almost divine powers (antediluvian), the representatives of the fourteenth and fifteenth generations are almost indistinguishable from normal people. However, a person who is “kissed” by a 6th generation vampire is a 7th generation vampire. The generation is therefore dependent on the generation of the “father”. The fifteenth generation is also unable to create Cainite children themselves. To strengthen the mystical power of his own blood, some vampires commit diablerie. Here one vampire drinks from another until his final death occurs. If the generation of the person killed in this way was more potent than that of his murderer, it permanently strengthens his vitae and thus increases his power. In most contexts, however, diablery is considered a serious offense and perversion, as it robs the victim”s soul and denies him any opportunity for salvation.Vampires have several so-called disciplines, depending on their clan affiliation (see below), which give them further, supernatural powers. The discipline “domination” gives power over others (comparable to hypnosis), while the discipline “shape change” enables the vampire to transform himself into animals or let deadly claws grow out of his fingers. At the start of the game, each clan has three disciplines that are typical for the clan. Some of these disciplines are strongly associated with a particular clan (e.g. “necromancy” with the Giovanni or “thaumaturgy” with the tremers) and are often difficult to learn for outsiders, others are available to all Cainites. Very few disciplines are really exclusively reserved for a particular clan or bloodline.

Vampire society

Vampire society is essentially made up of two structures: clans and sects. Clans trace their ancestry back to a powerful founder, mostly a member of the third generation, also known as antediluvian. The members of a clan are in a close social and family relationship and share certain mystical strengths and weaknesses. Most clans have seen split offs from members throughout history who no longer conformed to the mainstream. In this way, “Anticlans”, known as Antitribu, emerged, which, although they usually do not differ from the parent clan in terms of their degree of relationship, are politically and philosophically contrary to them. There are also a number of small bloodlines, most of which are descended from one of the large clans, but are often of unknown origin. The main difference between a bloodline and a clan is mostly only in the political power of the group. There are precedents of bloodlines that have risen to become clans and of clans that have lost their status as such.In the present there are only two sects of any significant importance, the Camarilla and the Sabbath. The majority of the Cainites count themselves at least nominally to one of the two organizations, which means that they represent the actual power blocks of society. While the Camarilla upholds traditions and veils the existence of vampires from humanity, the Sabbath is open, violent and animal-like. Theoretically, there is another “group” or classification, the “independents” (called anarchs), who do not place themselves under any form of umbrella organization, but in which each clan acts for itself (more or less) alone.Humans also have their place in vampire society. Since the consumption of vampire blood ties a person emotionally to the donor, they usually play the role of mindless slaves called ghouls.

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