Alter, Repair, include Patches to Military, Police, Firefighter, Martial art & Team sporting activities Uniforms because that both men & Women Military, police, firefighter, EMS, martial arts, sporting activities teams, personal school, advertisement uniforms, seamstress, specializing in alterations and also custom fitting for better Clevelanders for over 20 years.

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U.S. Armed Forces Uniform Al­ter­a­tions & Re­pairs

We transform ACU (Army Combat), ABUs (Airman Battle), BDU (Battle Dress) and also Class “A” dress Uniforms because that male and female personnel, in every branches of the U.S. Military:

We use Patches, rank or Trim girlfriend Provide

The customer must administer all uniform patches, insignia, rank, unique trim or accessories. brianowens.tv does no inventory or offer these items. together a courtesy to our armed forces we do administer links (next) to online sources for some of these items.


Police, Firefighter, EMS - an initial Responder Uniform Alterations & Repairs

We have actually experience changing uniforms come accommodate Kevlar human body armor, transforming various uniform materials and changing and adding rank and also insignia according to uniform regs for every military company branches and also safety forces.

We have served members of:

Brook Park Police respect Guard Cleveland Metropark rangers Cleveland Fire room Cleveland Police department Fairview Park Fire Dept. & EMS

Mascot Uniform Clothing


Finding noþeles in a 6X dimension is difficult. If you room big, green and also fuzzy too, it i do not care a genuine challenge. Now, add needing your uniform to enhance a class A baseball team and also the job is impossible. Skipper, the Lake county Captains mascot, had actually such a problem.

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The Lake ar Captains are a class A affiliate baseball team of the Cleveland Indians. Their Director of Promotions selected brianowens.tv come fashion two uniforms for Skipper, for the team’s 2009 season. Standard striped, regulation fabric and also all the main logos and patches were used for Skipper’s brand-new uniforms. | push Release |Image © Lake county Captains, used with permission

Also offer Civilian Needs

brianowens.tv is a full-service alterations business. Our work is not restricted to uniforms. We provide general sewing and change services, tailoring repair and sewing alterations and also specialize in custom-fitting officially dresses and gowns.

Seamstress, alterations, tailoring, apparel repair, dressmaking. Serving Cleveland Ohio area women & men since 1984

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