Ukraine Consulate San Francisco, United States, Consulate General Of Ukraine In San Francisco

Ukrainian Embassy working hoursare Monday to Thursdays : 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM and Friday : 09:00 AM to 04:45 PM.

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Consular Service Hoursare Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday : 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and Wednesday : 2:00 AM to 5:00 PM

The Ukraine Consulate-General is in San Francisco, with Alexander Krotenko serving as the Consul general. The Consulate of Ukraine offers many services to the Ukrainian Citizen as well as for other citizens in the United States, such as Ukrainian passport renewal, emergency passport Issuing, attestation certificates, Ukrainian visa requirements for Diplomatic and official passport holders, etc.


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To allow for more ease of use and access, the Embassy/Consulatehas established multiple Consulates across the country to offer its servicesseamlessly.

What are the primary activities performedby the Embassy/Consulate of Ukraine located in San Francisco, USA?

The Embassy/Consulate assists travelers from the United Statesto Ukraine, and vice versa. It also plays a main role in the educationalexchange program, science, and technical development, arts, and culture sponsoredby the Ukraine government.

What are the other services offered by theUkraine Consulate/ Embassy in San Francisco?

Community Services: Consulatedealing with aiding the distressed the Ukraine woman, community welfaresocieties providing help to the Ukraine diaspora, registration of neworganization with the Ukraine Consulate, transportation of mortal remains toUkraine with due respect, sending and receiving legal documents/summons throughConsulate

Commerce:Businessnews services,appointing Commercial representative, aiding the establishment of newbusinesses in the USA, maintaining regulation of both export and import incoordination with USA authorities, promotion of Ukraine exporters andmanufacturers in the USA, promoting Investing in Ukraine, publishing list ofexhibition and trade fair in Ukraine

Education:PublishingUkraine centric activities in university and schools, providing no objectioncertificate to students for study in Ukraine, registration of Ukraine studentaboard, study in Ukraine promotion activities, doing a student exchangeprogram, giving science and technology-related opportunities, academic researchcollaborations

What type of passport services areprovided by the Ukraine Embassy/Consulate?

The primary purposes of travel to the United States by Ukraine nationals are tourism, higher education, employment, and other activities (such as parents visiting children, business events, etc.). In the United States, any foreign resident needs to possess a valid travel document, or the traveler will be deported to their home country. If the travel documents, such as a passport, got expired or were lost, the Embassy would work to provide new records to the traveler and issue an emergency Ukrainian passport based on the travel need of the applicant.

How many Ukraine Consulates/Embassy is inthe United States to serve travelers?

The Ukraine Consulate in San Francisco (address listed above)along with twelve Consulates/Embassy spread across the country to aid travelersto and from Ukraine.

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Address of Ukraine Embassy in Washington D.C

Embassy of Ukraine – Washington

3350 M Street N.W.,

Washington D.C., 20007

Address of Ukraine Consulate in Chicago

Consulate General of Ukraine – Chicago

10 East Huron St.,

Chicago, IL 60611

Address of Ukraine Consulate in New York

Consulate General of Ukraine – New York

240 East, 49th Street,

New York, NY 10017

Address of Ukraine Honorary Consulate in Birmingham

Honorary Consulate General of Ukraine – Birmingham

5638 Crestwood Blvd,

Birmingham, Alabama 35212

Address of Ukraine Honorary Consulate in Cleveland

Honorary Consulate General of Ukraine – Cleveland

5566 Pearl Road,

Cleveland, Ohio 44129

Address of Ukraine Honorary Consulate in Detroit

Honorary Consulate General of Ukraine – Detroit

26601 Ryan Road, Suite 11,

Warren, Michigan 48091

Address of Ukraine Honorary Consulate in Houston

Honorary Consulate General of Ukraine – Houston

123 N. Post Oak, Suite 410,

Houston TX 77024

Address of Ukraine Honorary Consulate in Salt Lake City

Honorary Consulate General of Ukraine – Salt Lake City

375 W. Hope Ave,

Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

Address of Ukraine Honorary Consulate in Seattle

Honorary Consulate General of Ukraine – Seattle

600 First Avenue Suite 605,

Seattle, WA 98104

Address of Ukraine Honorary Consulate in Tucson

Honorary Consulate General of Ukraine – Tucson

8060 E Corte DE LA Familia,

Tucson, AZ 85750-2855

Address of Ukraine Honorary Consulate in New Orleans

Honorary Consulate General of Ukraine – New Orleans

1100 Poydras Street Suite 1700,

New Orleans, LA 70163-1701

Address of Ukraine Honorary Consulate in Philadelphia

Honorary Consulate General of Ukraine – Philadelphia

2434 Huntingdon Pike, Suite 1,

Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

Does a Consulate operate out of SanFrancisco Consulate/Embassy?

There is no separate Consular address in San Francisco. BothEmbassy and Consular service office located in the same address

Can a traveler submit travel documents tothe Ukraine Embassy/Consulate in San Francisco?

Yes. Applicant can visitUkrainian visa application center for submission of documents, they must be submitted by visiting the Ukraine Embassy/Consulate in San Francisco, In the case of an Ukrainian e visa, a visit is not mandatory to the Embassy, Consulate, or Ukrainian authorized visa agent.

Can a traveler collect travel documentsfrom the Ukraine Embassy/Consulate in San Francisco?

Yes, you must visit the Ukraine Embassy/Consulate in San Francisco to collect the documents. For Ukrainian electronic visa, you don’t require to visit.

What days is the Embassy/Consulate open?

The Ukraine Embassy/Consulate operates Monday through Friday. Itis closed on Saturdays, Sundays and, public holidays or any special daysspecified by the Consulate from time to time.

On which holidays is the Embassy/Consulateclosed?


Are there any jurisdictional restrictionsregarding services from the Ukraine Consulate in San Francisco?

Yes, only people residing in the states under Consular controlof Ukraine Consulate, San Francisco, are eligible for services like the issueof passports and visa services.

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Which states are coming under thejurisdiction of the Ukraine Consulate/Embassy in San Francisco?

The San Francisco Consulate covers the following states andterritories: Arizona State, California, Colorado State, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana,New Mexico State, Nevada State, Oregon, Utah State, Washington and Wyoming, PeopleResiding the above states can only contact

Is there an emergency phone number toreach the San Francisco Consulate/Embassy?

For any Consular emergency services, please contact number415-690-0460. Thenumber is available during weekends and other Embassy holidays. For people whoare in serious need only contact the above number and this service is only forUkraine Citizens.

What cultural activities are supported bythe Consulate in San Francisco?


Is there a FAQ related to the Embassy andConsulates?


Does Ukraineprovide any E-visa?

Yes,there are one types of E-visa offered by Ukraine as following

1.USA to Ukraine E-Visa

What does Visa-Free Score for Ukraine Passport mean?

To visit visa-free countries, Ukraine passport accumulates points that decide the visit without a visa or to obtain a visa on arrival. Need more information about Ukraine Visa-Free Score, visit:


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