The UFC went north on Saturday, May 4th, for UFC Fight Night 151: Iaquinta vs. Cowboy, from the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. After the run of stacked fight cards that the UFC has available therefore far in 2019, a few lackluster cards are sucount to be supposed. While UFC Fight Night 151 can had initially appeared a night to be quickly foracquired, the main card featured a plethora of amazing matchups with a headliner that promised to provide in “Raging” Al Iaquinta versus Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. Follow alengthy as I provide the outcomes and recap the activity for each of the six primary card fights of UFC Fight Night 151.

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Marc-Andre Barriault (11-2) vs. Anattracted Sanchez (11-4)

The primary card of UFC Fight Night 151 opened up with a battle in between old training partners in Marc-Andre Barriault versus Andrew Sanchez. Sanchez landed a couple of leg kicks to begin the fight, and shot in for and also secured an early takedvery own. Barriault made his means to the fence, yet ate a few elbows from Sanchez upon arriving. Sanchez did an excellent project of applying peak pressure and also transporting moderate damage for the better part of two minutes prior to the fight went earlier to a standup. After a couple of extransforms Sanchez went in for another takedvery own, but it acquired stuffed and also he ate a few big shots in the process. Sanchez was off to an excellent begin, and I had actually it 10/9 going into the second.

Sanchez shot in for a takedown as the second round began, yet it was well-defended by Barriault. Sanchez need to have gotten the message, as he didn’t attempt one more takedown throughout the second. Sanchez looked crisp on his feet, yet Barriault did wonderful work from up cshed and in the clinch, transferring some heavy uppercuts and elbows. Midway via the second, there was a large shift in momentum and Sanchez looked to be in major trouble as the round pertained to a cshed. I believed that Barriault clearly won the round, and also that it was all even going into the third and also last round.

Barriault seemed the fresher fighter as the third round began, and he stuffed another takedvery own attempt from Sanchez. Sanchez maintained press, however, pushing Barriault right into the cage until he ultimately managed the takedvery own that had eluded him considering that the initially round. Although Barriault was earlier to his feet in less than a minute, Sanchez ongoing to press him against the cage, deffinishing the takedvery own for the remainder of the round. This was a difficult round to score, however I felt it had actually to go Sanchez’s means due to the takedown and also pressure. I had it 29/28 Sanchez, and all three judges agreed.

Victor: Andrew Sanchez, unanimous decision

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Walt Harris (12-7) 1 NC vs. Sergey Spivak (9-1)

Walt Harris opened up this one through a sharp combination that was poorly safeguarded by Spivak, landing several hefty punches. Harris should have seen somepoint that he preferred, as he went best ago to it, dropping Spivak to the canvas. Harris gone after, transporting a couple of shots from the peak until the fight was called much less than a minute after it began.

Victor: Walt Harris, first-round TKO, :50

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Brad Katona (8-1) vs. Merab Dvalishvili (9-4)

Merab Dvalishvili threw a small little bit of every little thing to begin the fight, from spinning heel kicks and backfists, to switch kicks. Although many of the attempts didn’t land, they certainly put Brad Katona on notice. Dvalishvili went for and secured a solitary leg takedown midmethod via the round, yet he was happy to let Katona approximately his feet. Later in the round, however, Dvalishvili secured another takedvery own and delivered some severe damages from the height till the round concerned a close.

Dvalishvili have to have actually preferred what he observed at the finish of the initially, bereason he shot in for and gained another single leg takedvery own in the opening moments of the second round. Although he didn’t provide a significant amount of damages, Dvalishvili did enough to keep the position for the huge majority of the round, prior to the fighters were stood back up. Dvalishvili acquired one more takedvery own as the round ended, and also Katona looked to be losing this one 20/18 going into the 3rd.

Dvalishvili maintained his forward press in the third, and also it showed up that Katona had uncovered a solution to defending the takedown, as he stuffed Dvalishvili’s first 2 attempts. However before, Dvalishvili was persistent and finally secured a takedown midway via the round. This time Dvalishvili gained to unfill on Katona and again he finimelted on peak.

Victor: Merab Dvalishvili, unanimous decision

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Cub Swankid (25-11) vs. Shane Burgos (12-1)

The opening round started via both fighters attempting to discover their ranges by prodding through leg kicks. Shane Burgos appeared to have discovered his selection first, landing some quick hands on Cub Swankid, marking up both of his eyes beforehand. Cub was the aggressor, but Burgos did a great task on the respond to, landing effective brief best uppercuts anytime Swankid acquired also close inside. Burgos looked crisp on the feet, and I had actually it scored a pretty easy 10/9 going into the second.

Cub stayed the aggressor in the second, mixing it up nicely through punches and kicks. But, Burgos shown much better boxing, seeming to frustrate Swanchild at times through his quick counters. Aget, the brief appropriate upperreduced uncovered its residence when Burgos threw it, and Swanboy looked to be down 2 rounds to none as we entered the third and final.

Swankid learned that he was most likely dvery own the initially two rounds from his edge, and also he opened up the third through a feeling of urgency. After a couple of exchanges (and landing a hefty left hook) Swanchild swarm in for his initially takedown of the fight. Burgos was quick to his feet, but Swankid regulated his ago afterward and obtained in a large variety of strikes from the dominant position. After Burgos got some area, the fighters invested the remaining ninety seconds of the fight on their feet and also throwing leather, yet aobtain Burgos was the better and crisper boxer. I can had watched the 3rd going either means, and I offered it to Cub 10/9, however I thought Burgos had clearly won the first 2.

Victor: Shane Burgos, break-up decision

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Derek Brunson (19-7) vs. Elias Theodorou (17-3)

Elias Theodorou threw out some knees and kicks to start the fight, seeming to present Derek Brunkid that his legs would certainly have to be contended via. But, Brunkid acquired a takedown shortly after, and also Theodorou’s position conveniently went from negative to worse. Brunboy secured mount, then gained Theodorou’s ago, sinking in hooks and getting his arm under Theodorou’s chin. But, Brunboy couldn’t fairly obtain his arm in deep enough, and also he shed the position. The fight was ago up, and for the remaining ninety seconds or so, there were a couple of extransforms, and Theodoruou unproperly shot in for his own takedown attempt. As the horn blew, I had it 10/9 Brunson going right into the second.

Brunkid attempted a single leg beforehand in the second round, however it was protected by Theodorou. Theodorou was defensive throughout the round, remaining on his heels and throwing from far outside. Brunson didn’t geneprice much offense either, however I assumed that he maintained Octagon control and was more the aggressor. I offered Brunchild the round and had actually him up 20/18 going right into the final.

Brunchild opened up up the 3rd with an additional takedown, but Theodorou was quick to his feet. Shortly after, though, Brunchild gained his arms around Theodorou and lifted him high into the air, moving Theodorou to the facility of the cage, and also dropping him to the canvas. However, aacquire Theodorou was up in no time, and the remainder of the round included lackluster exchanges by two fighters who were plainly tired and content through their possibilities in a decision.

Victor: Derek Brunkid, unanimous decision

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Al Iaquinta (14-5-1) vs. Donald Cerrone (36-11) 1 NC

The main event of UFC Fight Night 151 featured a wonderful matchup in “Raging” Al Iaquinta versus Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. Cerrone went back to the Lightweight department and also was plainly the larger fighter as he challenged the number 4 ranked Lightweight in Iaquinta. Cerrone established his jab early on, and it assisted store Iaquinta to the exterior for the majority of the first round. When Iaquinta got inside, he landed a few nice punches, specifically an effective uppercut via around a minute left in the round. Cerrone landed a sharp knee to Iaquinta’s head as Iaquinta swarm in for a takedown, and also as the first round concerned a cshed, I had it 10/9 Cerrone.

The second round included crisp kickboxing displayed by both fighters, however Iaquinta landed the more memorable combicountries, visibly rocking Cerrone with an overhand also appropriate near the end of the round. I assumed it was close, but I offered the second to Iaquinta and also had actually it 19/19 going into the 3rd.

Cerrone looked to re-develop his jab in the 3rd, throwing it out frequently and also beforehand in the round. With Iaquinta back on the outside, Cerrone aget checked out body kicks, punishing Iaquinta via each one thrvery own. Cerrone plainly had his range dialed in, landing combicountries seemingly at will certainly. Iaquinta got dropped through a solid left near the end of the round, and also Cerrone finiburned on optimal. I assumed that Cerrone clearly won the round and also was up 29/28 going right into championship rounds.

Aget, Cerrone did a fantastic job of keeping Iaquinta to the external, and also he started the fourth with a front kick that landed squarely to Iaquinta’s confront, dropping him to the mat. Cerrone sought, but Iaquinta respanned conveniently and was back to his feet. Iaquinta did well with the left hook anytime that he obtained inside, yet Cerrone did his ideal to store Iaquinta at variety via his legs. I gave the round to Cerrone, and also I had it 39/28 and also Cowboy’s fight to shed.

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The fifth round was even more of the exact same, via Cerrone landing what he wanted from the external, and Iaquinta doing well once he managed to acquire inside. The round could had actually gone either way, yet Iaquinta required the finish, and Cerrone did his best at not enabling Iaquinta the variety that he needed to obtain it done.

Victor: Donald Cerrone, unanimous decision


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