Student Legal solutions is a professional legal office that has been giving legal help to the college student of the college of Florida because 1977. Funded by Student government through tasks and service fees, college student Legal solutions is essentially a pre-paid legal organization for permanent UF students. Student Legal services is staffed by 4 licensed attorneys that are accessible to sell students help in understanding and solving your legal problems.

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Services Overview

Student legit Services gives students a full selection of usual legal services, including advice and consultation, drafting of letters and legal documents, conferences and also settlement negotiations with adverse parties, legitimate research, review and interpretation of legitimate documents, drafting and filing of legitimate documents, and some representation in court. Notary solutions are additionally available.

Student legal Services gives in court depiction in:

• adoption (uncontested, step-parent adoptions)• resolution of marriage (uncontested cases, without kids or genuine property)• Landlord-Tenant Cases• name Change• Sealing or Expunction that Criminal Records

Student legal Services provides advice and assistance in:

• consumer matters together as: defective products and also services, warranties, contracts, credit, determine theft• building Damage• Insurance• web traffic Citations• Criminal Traffic• Criminal Charges• ready of Affidavits• strength of Attorney, and also Living Wills

Cases that room not covered by student Legal Services:

ELIGIBILITYFor the objectives of eligibility under the SLS Plan, students need to be enrolled in at the very least 6 semester hrs or enrolled in the continuing to be courses required to complete degree requirements at the university of Florida and also have paid the task and organization Fee.

Student company representatives must be enrolled in at least 6 semester hours. Student institutions must also be registered and also in an excellent standing v Student tasks and Involvement. By submitting the client Intake Form, you space certifying you or her student company are eligible because that this service.

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UF college student who are not currently enrolled in classes room eligible because that one semester automatically following the semester in i beg your pardon the student was critical enrolled because that at least 6 credit transaction hours and paid A&S fees.