Twin Flame Missing Each Other, Signs Of Twin Flames Missing Each Other

The idea of twin flames missing each other is an interesting one because this connection is just now like a traditional 3D relationship. The highs are higher and the lowers are lower. Twin flames miss each other before they’ve even physically met, let alone during periods of separation but this manifests in so many different ways.

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The connection between twin flames is something extraordinary and even mystical. It speaks to the divinity in human beings and the extreme power of love. It is a testament to the universe and its amazing celestial rules. So when twin flames, people who are destined to be together finally meet up with each other, it is a cause for celebration in the heavens. But if these individuals become separated again the powerful force of twin flames missing each other is like nothing ever experienced before by either party.

Feelings Experienced

The agony of twin flames missing each other goes a lot further and deeper than just feelings of wistfulness or regret. It’s immense to where the pain becomes unbearable. It can literally manifest itself as a pain so great as to be incapacitating. Your very bones ache when your twin flame isn’t nearby.

This is because twin flames love not just passionately, but spiritually in a way that is indescribable. There are many reasons for this.

The first and most important of these reasons is because they are meant to be eternal lovers. Their first meeting in this life wasn’t actually their first meeting ever. Before entering the earthly realm, they were already together for many lifetimes in the spiritual realms. Thus, when they first meet, they feel an immediate sense of belonging together, a yearning for each other.

They are determined to make this reunion last. It is for this reason that the connection that they share is uncommonly rare and powerful. To the point of being unbreakable.

United as One

Another reason for twin flames missing each other is that, they were a single unit at one time. Opposites inside a jointly shared spiritual body. It is because of this that they are so attuned to each other.

The universe compels them to be together. No matter how long or how frequently you and your twin are separated, you will always manage to somehow meet up with each other again. This is because the universe has determined that the two of you are fated to be together no matter what, and that ultimately nothing will keep the two of you apart.

This divine fate makes you miss your twin intolerably. You find that you simply cannot concentrate on anyone or anything else.


Furthermore, twin flames are able to communicate with each other by using telepathy. But it’s more than just communicating. Their shared telepathy is so strong that it allows them to enter into each other’s subconscious and even change moods and actions.

That’s why when your twin is desperately missing you, you’ll be overcome with a severe feeling of pining, like they are languishing without you, through telepathy. It’s truly astonishing how powerfully the mind can communicate feelings when love is motivating it.

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The intense feeling of twin flames missing each other is not at all unusual. It can be almost violent, however, hitting with the force of an 18-wheeler. It is partly due to this feeling, regardless of how painful it may be, that you know that this person is meant to be your lover and soulmate.



Why Is This Sort of Communication Possible?

In this world, we are so used to thinking of ourselves as individuals, functioning separate and alone from everyone else. What we must come to understand is that just like everything else, our thoughts are a type of energy.

They don’t just exist within the walls of our own minds. Sometimes they emerge from other forces such as the people around us, lifetimes we’ve lived previously, or even non-physical beings, and when we have these thoughts, we are sending them out into the universe and they influence our reality, the experiences we have, and our relationships.

Because of this we are able at all times to sense the thoughts and feelings of the people around. This is even more true with twin flames. They are so powerfully connected that it is as if they are mentally operating on another frequency.

Shared Frequency

From the moment you meet your twin flame, you’ll have a feeling that the two of you are the only people in the room even if you’re standing in the middle of a busy restaurant, or a hectic shopping mall.

For the two of you, it is as if time were really standing still. This special frequency is shared only by your and your twin flame. It is a connection of which the intensity continues to grow stronger by the minute.

That is why being physically separated from them will feel like a loss beyond the worst loss your’ve ever undergone in your life.

Even if the two of you breakup, you will continue to be spiritually linked to your twin flame, and that is why the feeling of twin flames missing each other will continue, because they will always remain in the recesses of your mind. Once it is established, you will never lose that feeling of being one with your twin flame.


When the feelings of twin flame love strike, above all it is essential that you do not resist them. Struggling against them will be futile. All that resistance will accomplish is to make the entire situation even more difficult than it already is. Accepting what the universe has in store for you is part of achieving happiness. It might be frightening at first, perhaps uncomfortable, because even if you are deeply in love, the power of that emotion can be a scary thing. But don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and make that connection. Linking up with your twin flame is a once in a lifetime experience, and it is to be cherished.

Remember that in this chaotic, upside down world we live in, nothing is random. Every single thing that happens has a purpose behind it. Twin flame love is the perfect forever love. Don’t fritter it away fighting it off.

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This is the kind of love that is sent to you as a gift from the universe and the powers that be. You must free yourself from all doubts and fears and take this love into your heart, and allow it to make you into a better, stronger human being.


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