O Leon retransforms with new lines and also engines all set for the future. Two decades later, Seat proceeds to innovate in one of the greatest bestsellers of the brand. The commitment and the breakthrough of its time led, in 2001, this design (initially generation) to be acdeclared as “Car of the Year”. This generation of Leon — when presented in December 2020 — was awarded the “Best vehicle purchase in Europe 2021” by Autofinest 2021.

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Between re-stylings and generational changes, the Seat Leon has stood the test of time, building on Volkswagen’s joint platdevelop — having even shared the Volkswagen Golf GTI and Audi A3 platforms — at this time, the Leon 2021 resorts to “MQB” used by the brand-new Golf and also the Skoda Octausing and is therefore 16mm narrower and 90mm longer than the previous generation.

It’s easily accessible with multiple engine alternatives, running through almost eincredibly available alternative — gasoline, diesel, natural gas, plug-in hybrid and electrical — bringing together a vast variety of options. 1.0l TSI gasoline (3 cylinders) or 1.5l (4 cylinders); 2.0l TDI diesel that delivers 113 or 148 hp; Natural Gas 1.5l TGI (4); Mild-hybrid to Petrol, in versions, 1.0l and also 1.5l eTSI. Mais Tecnologia had actually the possibility to test the Plug-in Hybrid model (gasoline) that enables autonomy in an solely electric mode.

Seat Leon eHybrid Performance

O Seat Leon eHybrid it is accompanied by a 1.4l TSI that is capable of 150 hp (between 5,000 and also 6,000 rpm) through a maximum torque of 250 Nm, between 1,550 and 3,500 rpm, which along with a 116 hp electric motor ( whose torque is 330 Nm) enable a unified power in 204 hp and also 350 Nm torque as at an early stage as 1550 rpm. Offering benefits such as 7.7s from 0 to 100 km/h Maximum speed approximately the 220 km/h.

To make the the majority of of this engine, Seat made a decision to include a streaming (6 speeds) DSG (Direct Change Gearbox) that does the homework-related incredibly well in quick equipment transforms. The Volkswagen Group has made usage of this form of gearbox in the sportier models, as it enables, in anticipation of intention, to readjust gears even more quickly and also properly based upon the driving exercised, in other words, it predicts the adjust that will certainly be made. and also prepares for once the moment is best, without having to inform the entire transmission mechanism once it requests one more gear.

The Leon combines a 12.8 kWh battery that have the right to be charged via a Seat wall charger in 3h and also 42m or, alternatively, in 5h and also 48m in a traditional outlet, offering autonomy in 100% electrical mode from approximately 52 to 64 kilometres advertised, this via a usage of 14.5 to 15 kWh/100km depending upon its lightness in the services it proposes.

Under WLTP, the 1.4l eHybrid is capable of usage between 1.5l and also 2.0l in hybrid mode, something superior. However before, a lot of manufacturers forgain to cite that when the battery runs out, usage tends to skyrocket, yet, this Leon additionally surprises for its fuel economy since in burning only mode, we have the right to quickly gain avereras from 5.5l to 6.0l , which given that we are facing a four-cylinder 1,395 cc, regulates respect.

vehicle interior

The brand-new Seat Leon advanced in a very positive method and also proof of this is that we are already in the fourth generation. It is said that if the team is great, don’t move, yet inside, Seat has actually taken the decision to make it more modern, offering among the best cabins in the C-segment — comfortable and robust sufficient to impush on the first contact, were this not the “Car of the Year 2021”.

Embracing the trend that some builders have actually been doing regarding the simplicity of the internal, the Leon has actually currently adopted more electronics and also fewer physical buttons. This can be viewed in 2 ways: one negative and one positive. On the one hand also, the infotainment mechanism is much better revised, with even more features for the driver and also other inhabitants, on the other hand also, it reduces speed in some basic tasks, such as climate control or volume, which no much longer have actually physical butlots, which pressures the driver to take his eyes off the road.

I emphadimension the area in the back which enables even more than sufficient room for an adult, with both leg room and also head height. And the trizone HVAC It is also worth stating, as it permits you to run various temperature alternatives, and also passengers in the rear can operate a small display screen in the rear facility consingle (between seats) through physical butloads to regulate the temperature for the rear seats. However, if you don’t have the patience or don’t want to be distracted from the road, be aware that there is voice control (on the steering wheel) and you have the right to manage the temperature via voice regulates.

Unlike other models, the Seat Leon it did not adopt chrome for the ventilation grilles, steering wheel or equipment selector, yet, it chose to incorporate a 100% digital quadrant, in addition to a 10″ center console, all this accompanied by luminous signatures at the level of the dashboard and on the doors — they are formidable at night and also offer a very welcoming atmosphere.

Vehicle design and dimensions

Although we’re talking around a compact, the five-door, Seat Leon it provides substantial dimensions that allow it to perfectly accommoday its residents and also still sell a great driving endure. We start with the 1.8 meters wide which can be sassist to be generous given the cabin in question, a height that rounds the 1.46 meters (and also it’s also impressive for a hatchback) and ultimately the 4.36 meters long.

The trunk is not the biggest, however it is still qualified of 380l of storage for occasional take a trip. However, through a weight of 1539 kg and also a 40l tank might suffice for a much longer ride in hybrid mode, yet, after the battery runs out, you can suppose a quick refueling. Regardless of this, we think it is all set for all types of driving, from the sportiest to the most economical.

To damp the front, Seat determined to include shock absorbers (via coil spring) independent of the kind McPherson and, on the rear, the device “elastic beam” or elastic beam that ensure stiffer traction and damping and also cshed to the asphalt. This in conjunction via a 17″ rim (standard) or via 18″, an choice that ensures a preformative character that have the right to be exciting for those that like a sportier drive and are willing to forgo the comfort of a smaller rim.

Driving style and comfort

This version saloon (even more compact) has a really peculiar driving style, in fact, the Leon share this unique character, especially noticeable in curves and there is no absence of examples captured on video and also broadactors on the internet so that we deserve to appreciate some of these glimpses, but, that style might not also be for any driver, however the feedago is positive, this one it’s a really safe car, even anxiety rises (allied to the initiative impelled by the driver).

However, if the spirit is various and you are not looking to “play” a small through the design, understand that this hybrid version can be among the a lot of relaxing to use in the day-to-day in the city, as in the middle of traffic, all thanks to this DSG box that transforms gears at the right time so you don’t have to be based on those (almost) cloying starts.

The speed (cruise style) consistent, the vibrations are not so evident at the front on a bumpier road, but at the rear, depending upon that speed you might feel some discomfort, also more if you select the 18″ rim. The approximately 204 hp of unified power is even more than enough for any kind of scenario of your driving — something you wouldn’t intend from a compact model — where DSG plays a vital function in harnessing the easily accessible torque.

Verdict: Seat Leon 1.4 eHybrid trial

O Seat Leon 1.4 eHybrid have the right to be purchased from €38,094.00 via whatever as traditional, but, if you “abuses” most personalization, you have the right to quickly reach €45,000.00. Of course, the edition with all the series is already fairly amazing, yet, be aware that tright here are some extras that may be of interest to you, from a sensible point of see (and also not as mere ostentation).

This functional auto designed for all forms of usage, were it not among Seat’s older models. Excellent for the city, the opportunity of traveling in electric-only mode for 50 km deserve to be an benefit when compared to various other competitive models. Still, understand that once it’s over (or close), the version will certainly revolve on the thermal engine to continue its journey.

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We highlight, as “must have” the lighting (LED) discovered in the cabin or as an option likewise for the outside, which provides a totally different air to the auto, particularly at night — for those who choose it, obviously. These and also other extras make this design a very affordable C-segment automobile, within the Volkswagen group and also given the engine specification that is accessible. Because of this, this is an additional viable alternative for those searching for a solid engine that takes up little area and also enables you to accomplish various driving or take a trip demands.