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Traveling to faraway places, exploring exotic cultures, under-water spelunking, escaping the freezing temperatures or blazing heat. Sometimes you just want to get away for no special reason, just a chance to catch your breath. We feel that way too and that is why we are listing the best travel agents in Vermont. Sometimes, you need to stretch your legs and just don’t have the time or want the headache of planning a trip.

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Being able to tell your travel agent what you want and letting them take care of the details can be a real life saver. It is not uncommon for a travel agent to save you a half dozen hours or better on trip planning and usually the fees are reasonable. Check our listings for the Vermont area travel agents and find one that meets your needs and resonates with you personally. Not all Vermont travel agencies are created equal, they can vary in customer service, prices, services offered, and involvement required on your part. It makes it worth your time to interview several Vermont agents to find one that is enthusiastic about meeting your needs and wants.

Also, your Vermont agents may have access to information, specials, and details you may not. They help a lot of people travel and will know how things turned out for those travelers. Their experience in helping others plan the perfect vacation can be a boon for you! Maybe you had chosen a specific resort but your Vermont agent knows from past experience that the one next door is not only cheaper but offers better customer service! Though in the past travel agents in Vermont and around the United States saw a decline people are now realizing more and more how beneficial it can be to work with a travel agent. Especially in cases of complicated journeys such as tours and cruises, but also for things so simple as a trip to the beach or vacation to a mountain cabin. Put your Vermont travel agents to work for you and let us know about your experience. Our lists are constantly updated thanks to your feedback!


Accent Travel

South Burlington, VT

Accent Travel is a leader in business travel management, designing and managing travel programs that meet business goals. Their specialists provide cruise, group, tour, holiday, incentive, tour, vacation and business travel services.


Lake Champlain Cruises

Burlington, VT

Vermont’s Premier Cruise Boat. Offering daily scenic and lunch cruises as well as dinner cruises, call them for availability. Enjoy the spectacular views of Lake Champlain through their mahogany finished lounge or on their upper deck.


Notch Above Tours

Colchester, VT

Founded in 1993, Notch Above Tours is a Vermont-based, full-service tour company providing an incredible range of single-day and multi-day vacations, destination management excursions, motor coach tours and student class trips. They specialize in customizing outings designed to please a diverse group of travelers. Their excursions feature fascinating locations throughout the United States and Canada.

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Milne Travel

South Burlington, VT

Today, Milne Travel is well positioned to be successful in the Worlds’ largest industry – Travel. The company continues to grow in many areas and has made careful investments in people and new technologies to keep it that way. Milne Travel is the largest American Express Travel Agency in the Northeastern United States with a business mix of half individual vacation and personal travel, and half travel management for corporations.


Educational Travel Service, Inc. (ETS)

South Burlington, VT

Educational Travel Service, Inc. (ETS) is a Vermont based, professional, full-service travel company that can arrange transportation and educational experiences anywhere in the world. Founded in 1988, ETS is operated by three experienced educator-travel consultants who specialize in group travel. They work with school groups, colleges and universities, and special interest groups, and can develop “theme” trips integrating classroom curricula. They pride their selves on providing personal service.

We Are Still Looking for Qualified Listings

We are looking for the most qualified, customer oriented, professionals. We want the top professionals in every category for every region. It takes a lot to make this list, we want to make sure you have the greatest experience in your life with the people you find on these pages. If you think your business or a business in your area meets these standards. Contact us, we would love to hear from you today!

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