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Mercedes Harrison says, “Great travel agent I must say! I'm currently booking two more trips with her so that speaks volumes. I highly recommend her for business.”See more


Ralynne P. says, “Sue was absolutely amazing our trip was very last minute spur of the moment and sue took care of finding exactly what our family needed for a quick getaway”See more
Kimberly R. says, “Even through this pandemic she has gone above and beyond for my crew to find us the best prices for our trip and is so sweet and very accommodating!! Book with her!!!!”See more
Kim D. says, “The Independent Hotel Group offers phenomenal service with a positive attitude. I have utilized IHG for over a decade and consider them a must-have resource when initiating hotel communications and all the way through the contract negotiation process. Kevin and team are the best! I admire and respect how they put the client first but also understand the hotel's position. It's a win-win for everyone. I highly recommend the Independent Hotel Group.”See more
Danielle W. says, “She is responsive, attentive, and willing to work with any budget. I plan to use Dina again!”See more
Corrine M. says, “Ms Rosie I have worked with her several times she gave us good deals good rooms and I appreciate everything she did for me and my family and I would use her again”See more

To find the right travel agent to help with your upcoming trip, look for agents with positive customer reviews and reasonable pricing. Look for detailed customer reviews that recap their recent travel experiences set up by the agents. Make sure whoever you work with has the appropriate credentials (for example, are they registered and do they have any other credentials?). And to ensure you hire a travel agency with fair pricing, contact several of them to receive free cost estimates.

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The average customer spends an average of $2,344 in total for a travel agent. However, the fee you pay will depend on several factors so your costs might be much lower or higher. That’s why it’s crucial toget estimates from several travel agenciesbefore you hire someone.

Read our cost guide, “How much does a travel agent cost?”

Hiring a travel agent may be worth it for travelers who are booking extensive vacations, group travel or business trips. Or, you might want to consider hiring an agency if your travel plans have changed unexpectedly. Travel agents offer several benefits, such as extra perks and added value, as well as taking care of problems or unexpected hiccups. Travel agents also take care of all the details for you, from flights to hotels to excursions.

You can talk to local travel agents by using will identify the top-rated travel agents in your area. After you read a few reviews and check out their profiles, you can message them directly and/or request a quote.

It’s important to ask travel agents several questions before you hire one. For example, you should ask:

How much do you charge for your services?Can you provide a list of all the fees I”m responsible for paying?Do you have any travel destination recommendations?What are some ways I can save money on my trip?What’s the best time of year or month to book my trip?Do you offer travel insurance?Is my airfare refundable?What deposits will I need to make?How much experience do you have?

The main benefit of using a travel agent is the value they bring. They’re experts when it comes to travel, and they can help you decide which destinations you should visit. A travel agent can also help you find travel packages and perks. They’ll also be your advocate if any issues arise during your trip.

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However, you may be able to find deals and discounts on your own. And sometimes it’s faster to DIY your own travel plans, especially if things need to change at the last minute.

Hiring a travel agent might be a smart choice. Here are a few reasons why you should use a travel agent:

They save you time.They help take the stress out of planning a trip or a vacation.They can help you find travel packages and other perks.They recommend destinations based on your preferences.They can help you resolve problems that arise.

Using a travel agent to book your airfare and lodging instead of doing it yourself online can save you time and stress. Travel agents have the expertise and knowledge to help you plan your trip seamlessly. And, often, they can offer your packages and secure other travel perks you may not find online.

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A travel agent is a professional who handles all of the travel arrangements for their clients. Some of their duties include:

Suggesting travel destinations.Putting together trip itineraries.Finding travel packages and other perks.Keeping their clients’ budgets and costs in mind when planning trips.Booking airfare, hotels, rental cars, excursions, tours and more.


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