Current Local Time In Uganda Entebbe, Uganda, Current Local Time In Entebbe, Uganda

Time Difference

EAT (Eastern Africa Time) is 10 hours ahead of Mountain Standard Time6:30 am06:30 in Entebbe, Uganda is 8:30 pm20:30 in MST

Entebbe to MST call timeBest time for a conference call or a meeting is between 6pm-8pm in Entebbe which corresponds to 8am-10am in MST

6:30 am06:30 EAT (Eastern Africa Time) (Entebbe, Uganda). Offset UTC +3:00 hours 8:30 pm20:30 Mountain Standard Time (MST). Offset UTC -7:00 hours

6:30 am06:30 Entebbe, Uganda / 8:30 pm20:30 MST

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Entebbe, Uganda MST
12am (midnight) 2pm
1am 3pm
2am 4pm
3am 5pm
4am 6pm
5am 7pm
6am 8pm
7am 9pm
8am 10pm
9am 11pm
10am 12am (midnight)
11am 1am
12pm (noon) 2am
1pm 3am
2pm 4am
3pm 5am
4pm 6am
5pm 7am
6pm 8am
7pm 9am
8pm 10am
9pm 11am
10pm 12pm (noon)
11pm 1pm
0:00 14:00
1:00 15:00
2:00 16:00
3:00 17:00
4:00 18:00
5:00 19:00
6:00 20:00
7:00 21:00
8:00 22:00
9:00 23:00
10:00 0:00
11:00 1:00
12:00 2:00
13:00 3:00
14:00 4:00
15:00 5:00
16:00 6:00
17:00 7:00
18:00 8:00
19:00 9:00
20:00 10:00
21:00 11:00
22:00 12:00
23:00 13:00

EBB, Ehntebbe, Entebbe, Entebe, Entebė, antbh, antyby, en de pei, entebe, Ентеббе, Ентебе, Энтеббе, אנטבה, ענטעבע, إنتيبي, انتبه, انتیبے, အင်တက်ဘီမြို့, ენტებე, エンテベ, 恩德培, 엔테베

Offset: MST is 7 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and is used in North America

Countries: It is used in following countries: Canada, Mexico, United States

Principal Cities: The largest city in the MST timezone is Ciudad Juarez from Mexico with population about 1.512 million people. Other major cities in the area are Phoenix, Calgary, Chihuahua, Edmonton

French: HNR – Heure Normale des Rocheuses

Spanish: MT – Zona Pacífico


MST timezone map

Daylight Saving: This is a standard timezone, however during summer some places switch clocks for one hour forward when daylight saving comes into effect and observe Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

Start: Mountain Standard Time (MST) started on Sunday, November 7, 2021 at 2:00 am local time and clocks were set one hour back to Sunday, November 7, 2021, 1:00 am. Standard time starts annually the on first Sunday of November.

End: Mountain Standard Time (MST) ends on Sunday, March 13, 2022 at 2:00 am local time and clocks are set one hour forward to Sunday, March 13, 2022, 3:00 am local daylight time instead. Standard time starts annually the on second Sunday of March.

W3C/ISO-8601: International standard covering representation and exchange of dates and time-related data -07 – basic short-0700 – basic-07:00 – extended
Email/RFC-2822: Internet Message Format Date Standard, typically used for timestamps in email headers

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-0700 – sign character (-) followed by a four digit time providing hours (07) and minutes (00) of the offset. Indicates seven hour and zero minutes time differences to the west of the zero meridian.
IANA/Olson: Reflects MST time zone boundaries defined by political bodies, primarily intended for use with computer programs and operating systems
MST Abbreviation: Several time zones share MST abbreviation and it could refer to these time zones Mountain Standard Time – UTC -7Moscow Standard Time – UTC +3Mauritius Standard Time – UTC +4
Time zones with the GMT -7 offset: MST – Mountain Standard TimePDT – Pacific Daylight TimeYST – Yukon Standard TimeT – Tango Time Zone

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