tunnel residence by makiko tsukada visually exoften tends the streetall photos by shinkenchiku-shaall imperiods courtesy of makiko tsukada architects

to carry out a visual expansion of the street, makiko tsukada architects has actually developed the ‘tunnel house’, in tokyo japan.

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the exterior and also interior are associated by a large carved-out area in the volume that is designed perpendicular to the road alengthy which the structure is located. the tunnel-choose configuration activates both ‘uchi’ (in the tunnel) and also ‘soto’ (out of the tunnel) spaces as the residence divided and also connected by the gaping convex develop. on the open up side of the quarter cylinder, the façade is enclosed by glass. the ‘uchi’ comprises two rectangular locations that contain a bedroom and a bathroom. although concealed inside a concrete and also steel framework, the bedroom embodies a lightness through an open ceiling and display partitions. from the bedroom box above, the residents have the right to see the height of the concrete shell.

tunnel_house_makiko_tsukada_brianowens.tv02the exterior of the dwelling showcasing the carved volume

tunnel_house_makiko_tsukada_brianowens.tv03inner of the ‘soto’ space

exiting from ‘inside’ the dwelling and also approaching the open ‘soto’, the inner dramatically alters. ample daylightcascades dvery own alengthy the surchallenge from the oblong optimal as well as from the courtyard. a staircase permits accessibility to watch the totality of the rounded form. a reflective ceiling surface is extracted to compensate for a gap in the steel floor, mirroring the room below, and doubling as a table.

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the hanging steel floor and also the thin dining surchallenge floating in the open top area of the house, developing a sharp contrast to the immense volume that burrs via the style. a visitor commented that, ‘spaces betray one’s sense of area, as one feels prefer being outside while actually being inside the house’.